Attic Capital Weekly Update – Art

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Stolen Medieval Artifacts recovered in Italy

After missing for over 30 years, a large collection of 13th-century artifacts were recovered in Sicily. Police also found priceless chalices and a reliquary, which was a dedication to Saint Galgano.

The director of the Vatican Museums stated the recovery was of “unprecedented importance for the value of the objects.”

No estimates were given to the total value of the recovered artifacts.

Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery

A new study from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands released a statement on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The scrolls are believed to be some of the earliest biblical manuscripts. The research team suggests two main writers from the Jewish sect known as the Essenes.

The study is funded by the European Research Council, titled “The Hands that Wrote the Bible.”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s feature on Vincent van Gogh is fascinating. Scroll through the collection of works by the man himself, and read a detailed essay discussing Van Gogh’s life and what influenced him to create.

At one point, Van Gogh checked himself into an asylum, fearing his mental health deteriorating. He went on to paint over 150 works over the next year during his stay.