Attic Capital Weekly Update – Crypto & NFT

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Ethereum Blasts to the Moon

Bitcoin and Crypto rally back this week in a big way, after moving sideways for nearly a month. But it was Ether that showed its strength as it blasted to all-time highs.

Now over $2,800, Ethereum is marching into uncharted territory while Bitcoin is still around 7k under its all-time high – for now…

Crypto & NFT Resource of the Week – CoinMarketCap

It’s nice to have perspective. Everyone wants it, but some people find perspective easier than others. In Crypto land, perspective is of the utmost importance.

CoinMarketCap gives you a clean look at all crypto assets in an easy-to-read, clear format, ranked in order of market cap. It’s one of my favorite Crypto sites. It’s simple, straightforward, comprehensive, and always up to date. They even rank NFTs.

Give it a try. Use powerful filters to search alt-coins. Click each currency for in-depth analysis in a viewer-friendly format.

Nike ‘Cryptokicks’ patent opens the door for NFT ‘breeding’ to create custom sneaker ‘offspring’

Read more about how NFTs could allow retailers to merge their physical and digital assets for wild and crazy possibilities. Mind-bending stuff, and it’s already well underway.