Weekly Update – Watches

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The Search for the ‘Holy Grail Watch’

Really cool story featured on Hodinkee recently about the search for the ‘Holy Grail.’

Avid watch collector and writer Cole Pennington shared a personal journey on the hunt for his favorite watch of all time. It’s a great article and one that I’m sure many collectors can relate to. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend you check it out here.

Judging from the hundreds of comments, the story resonated with many watch collectors. My favorite remark, which summarizes the experience many collectors have encountered, was from “seb7640” who said, “They say never meet your heroes.”

Cole’s holy grail watch was the Seiko Yellow Monster, as he details in the story. His quest for the Seiko finally concludes, and he’s left to make one simple choice. It’s a great article and a wonderful reminder of how we constantly evolve and change as we spin around the sun on this giant rock.

$6 Billion Worth of Lost and Forgotten Watches May be Lurking in the U.S.

Watchfinder, a pre-owned watch specialist, recently surveyed 26,000 participants searching for the number of missing and unaccounted-for watches in the U.S.

43% of respondents said they own at least one luxury watch they don’t wear. 42% said they don’t know the current value of their watches.

Over $28 billion worth of luxury watches have been imported from luxury Swiss watchmakers over the last 20 years. It’s a staggering number and a good reminder of the incredible volume of vintage and luxury watches in circulation.

I know everyone feels like the vintage watch they own is “rare,” but do you really know how rare it is? There could be hundreds or even thousands of the same exact watch stashed in nearby houses, just waiting to be discovered.

In the vintage watch market, like almost everything else, value is in the eye of the beholder.

Pulp Fiction Prop Master Recounts the Watch Story

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Pulp Fiction,’ you remember the watch. If you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t give away any more details.

Jonathan Hodges, the person who sourced the watch for the movie ‘Pulp Fiction,’ tells the story of how the iconic watch found its way into the movie.

Hodinkee caught up with the person responsible for inserting one of the most famous watches in cinema history. It turns out the watch cost no more than $50 at the time. Both Bruce Willis and director Quentin Tarantino knew it was the perfect watch for the scene immediately.

Teddy Baldassarre Breaks it Down for New Collectors

There’s a great video for watch collectors by Teddy Baldasarre, who shares a few important points to keep in mind when building your collection.

It’s an excellent resource from a watch pro. Teddy has a great YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge on the world of watches. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

Picasso Watch Shatters Expectations at Bonhams

A Bonhams auction featured a watch owned and worn by Pablo Picasso. Not only was the watch worn by Picasso, but on the dial was the famous artist’s name spelled out.

The watch, by Michal Z Berger Co, sold for a mind-blowing amount at the Bonhams auction. Originally estimated to sell in the range of 12,000 – 18,000 EUR, the final hammer price was an incredible $266,978.

This is just one week after the Picasso ‘Woman Sitting Near a Window’ painting sold for over $100 million at a Christie’s auction.

George Bamford Talks Weird Watches

George Bamford of Bamford Watch Department has a new podcast series, ‘GB Talks,’ where he discusses oddball, strange, and weird watches.

Bamford invites guests on his podcast to discuss a variety of watch-related topics and then asks them about their favorite unique timepieces.

Cartier is reissuing the Cloche this year, a 1920 design with a bell shape and the 12 o’clock position at the typical three o’clock placing. Starting price will be around $25,000.

Jacob & Co. Release Bugatti Chiron Watch

A new high-complication tourbillon from Jacob & Co. features a mini reproduction of the Bugatti Chiron W16-cylinder engine.

The watch is part of a multi-year partnership between Jacob & Bugatti. The selling price begins at $560,000.

eBay expands security for luxury watch sales over $10,000.

A new Escrow security feature for eBay watch sales over 10k will protect buyers and sellers. Each party will have access to an Escrow account where payments can be sent and received.

After seven days the transaction will be complete where returns will no longer be allowed.

Last year, over 8 million luxury watches were listed for sale on eBay.

Vacheron Constantin is releasing a new series of three ten-piece limited edition watches to celebrate their spirit of adventure in a tribute to great explorers.

The limited edition watches are titled, “The Métiers d’Art Tribute.”

The watches will retail for $121,000 each, excluding tax.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna

The latest amazing design from Arnold & Son is the Luna Magna, the largest 3D moon phase ever designed on a watch.

The ultra-limited edition Luna Magna includes only 28 pieces produced. The three-dimensional marble and aventurine moon alternates between light and dark as it moves through its phases.

Sale prices begin at just under $50,000 USD.