Best Whiskey Under 30 Bucks to Enjoy and Collect

With so many options available for whiskey fans and collectors, a good question to consider is, what’s the best whiskey under 30 dollars? Not only could you end up with a great bottle of whiskey to enjoy from time-to-time, but you might also stumble on a buried treasure that eventually deserves a place on the top shelf of your whiskey collection.

The Occasional Whiskey Connoisseur

If you’re looking for a great bottle of whiskey under 30 dollars to enjoy, look no further than the list of ten bottles below. The list of best whiskey under 30 dollars is widely debated among connoisseurs, but the facts are that many opportunities can be found in the lower price ranges.

  1. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Whiskey
  2. Bulleit Bourbon
  3. Tincup American Whiskey
  4. Wild Turkey 101
  5. Lismore Single Malt
  6. Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey
  7. Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon
  8. Four Roses Small Batch
  9. George Dickel 8
  10. Wolfhound Irish Whiskey

Award-winning distilleries are producing excellent whiskey at reasonable prices. That’s the good news. The bad news is it’s become a full-time job to track all the various producers, brands, labels, and limited-edition releases. This expanding whiskey market offers ample opportunity and value for low cost if you have spend time investigating and doing doing a little research.

Whiskey Pro Fred Minnick Breaks It Down

If you want to expand your whiskey knowledge, I’d recommend watching a few videos from Fred Minnick. He’s been busy breaking down the wine and spirits landscape for the last 15 years and offers incredible insight on his YouTube channel.

The video below features 26 bourbons reviewed by Fred Minnick. The main point Fred makes is there’s a tremendous value that exists in the best whiskey under $30 category. You could probably also consider this list the best sipping whiskey under 30 bucks. As you can see, Fred is a pro who breaks down every flavor of each bottle.

If this video gets you interested in the finer points of sipping, tasting, grading, and examining whiskey and bourbon, take a look at Fred’s intro video on tasting bourbon like a professional, found here.

Fred Minnick is a great resource, not only because of his many years of experience but for the fact that he’s unaffiliated with any brand. He’s completely independent and wants to remain that way. This is great because his passion is in educating people on bourbon, whiskey, and wine, not selling a particular label. I’m sure he has his favorites, but an independent review without the bias of direct financial influence is important.

Whiskey, Wine, and Spirits pro Fred Minnick breaks down a few dozen bourbon bottles and gives his expert opinion. Fred offers extensive coverage in the industry with no strings attached. He is completely independent and not compensated by any distributors or brands. Check out his excellent YouTube channel, and you will absolutely find a few valuable tips.

Collecting The Best Whiskey Under 30 Bucks

Fred Minnick will give you the knowledge to discover the very best of what whiskey, wine, and other spirits have to offer when you crack the bottle open. But what if you want to collect whiskey and not partake in consumption? Maybe you have an eye for elusive gold nuggets hiding, just waiting to be discovered. Much opportunity exists in the best whiskey under 30 dollars for collectors to buy and hold. Over time, you might find yourself with a bottle that appreciates.

best whiskey under 30
As you can see in the chart above, there has been big returns associated with buying and holding the right bottles of whiskey and bourbon. Is it Whiskey, or Whisky? Whatever you call it – big returns if you select the correct bottles. Image courtesy of

What Whiskey Should I Buy Before It Rises In Value?

If you have a limited budget or just beginning your whiskey collection, here’s an interesting play you might want to consider. Trends move quickly in the whiskey world, and what’s was an incredibly hot whiskey bottle one year might not be the next, as popularity moves on to the next big thing.

As a whiskey bottle gains popularity, buyers rush to consume it, leaving a much more limited supply of bottles remaining unopened. This is where the opportunity lies.

Over time, popular, quality whiskey bottles will be opened and consumed, leaving behind a smaller amount of unopened bottles. Choose the right bottles carefully, save them for a few years, and you might find yourself holding a high-quality whiskey rarely found in the market.

The great thing about whiskey collecting is the diminishing supply of bottles as the years pass by as whiskey is consumed. Save the right bottles, and you could end up with a rare and valuable collection.

This law of whiskey collecting applies even at the lower price points. Save a few bottles of the best whiskey under 30 dollars, and you could be rewarded. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Of course, there are no guarantees how specific trends will play out. And that’s the fun part.

Four Roses – Best Whiskey Under 30 Dollars

You can buy a bottle of Four Roses for under 30 bucks. The Kentucky brand sells a Small Batch Bourbon for $30 that’s mellow, rich, and spicy with sweet aromas and a touch of sweet oak and caramel. I found a few sources recommending the Four Roses brand as gaining lots of momentum in the last few years since changing master distillers to Brent Elliot from Jim Rutledge.

Wild Turkey

Don’t forget about Wild Turkey. Another great bottle you can pick up for 30 bucks is the Wild Turkey 101 Rye. Since the 1980s, Wild Turkey has been producing the “Rye.” It can be a forgotten brand with so many newcomers in the industry.

But Wild Turkey is a reliable name, and the 101 Rye is not exactly the most common bottle found on shelves. A bottle of the Wild Turkey 101 Rye also receives many solid reviews from the industry’s pros.

Still not sure where to start? Watch the quick video below laying out the very basics on whisky collecting. Have fun, and always moderation, my friend.

The best whiskey under 30 dollars can be the beginning of your collection. These are a few basic steps you’ll want to follow if you’re just starting on your whiskey collection journey.