Blockchain and Baseball Cards

A Seattle start-up is betting the combination of the blockchain, and sports collectibles will be a future hit. Player Tokens Inc. is making a move with Major League Baseball by signing a deal allowing the company to sell digital tokens of real MLB players. 

There are a finite number of tokens sold and each have unique IDs based on the Ethereum blockchain that confirms authenticity, which creates digital scarcity. Token owners will be able to use tokens in various ways, including in-stadium experiences and engagement with MLB players. The tokens are non-interchangeable and can’t be used as a digital currency, but can be transferred to other owners.

The player tokens will include illustrations on the front with player statistics on the back, much like traditional baseball cards of the past. The big difference with Player Tokens is the ability to share digitally with friends in a method traditional cards could not. A second benefit to the digital tokens is that authenticity can be verified rather easily. In the sports card world where counterfeits are always a significant concern, blockchain-enabled tokens aim to eliminate fraud.

Another cool feature of the new digital collector cards is the transparent record of what fan owns each player’s cards. This means each professional ballplayer can see who their fans are and potentially connect with promotions or new experiences not possible until now.

Packs of the digital tokens will include five to six players starting at $5.99.

MLB Crypto Baseball

Then there’s a twist on fantasy sports such as blockchain-based MLB Crypto Baseball. Developed by gaming company Lucid Sight in partnership with Major League Baseball, fans can purchase individual players and then are awarded based on the real-life performance of that player. Gamers can buy and sell players in an open marketplace. Availability is limited for each player, depending on the demand. Developers of the game hope to induce a scarcity of the biggest stars and best performing players. Starting at $20, it’s a unique way to participate interactively with baseball like never before.