Buy, Sell and Trade Digital Art Shares with ArtSquare allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital shares in artwork by world-famous artists. This new fractional ownership art investing platform is fully functional and ready for investment.

The company was founded just two years ago by Fabrizio D’Aloia and Francesco Boni Guinicelli. ArtSquare aims to open up the world of art investment and ownership to masses with an incredibly simple and easy to use platform. Deposits can be made with a credit card or directly through your bank account. Once your account is funded, you’re ready to invest.

Currently, there are two collectible art offerings available for investment. An untitled piece by Keith Haring valued at 30,000 euro and an Andy Warhol painting titled, “Kiku” valued at 28,000 euro. An upcoming piece titled, “Una Brillante Idea,” by Alighiero Boetti is valued at 32,000 euro.

ArtSquare has two pieces currently offered for investment through their new platform.
Upcoming offerings include this Alighiero Boetti piece titled, “una Brillante Idea” valued at 32,000 euro.

Shares in artwork are bought and sold through “digital art shares,” or DAS. ArtSquare uses the blockchain to divide the value of artwork into equal pieces. When this “tokenization” occurs, a Modular Smart Contract is issued and stored on the blockchain. This beginning of the Modular Smart Contract is what guarantees ownership rights of the DAS are legally defined and protected.

One of the cool features ArtSquare offers is the ability to trade or gift shares. The receiver of the gifted art shares does not need to have an active ArtSquare account to receive the gift. An email is sent to the receiving party, and from there, the gift can either be accepted or rejected.

Another unique feature on ArtSquare is the Top Investor ranking. Investors owning the greatest number or Digital Art Shares for the particular art piece are listed in the Top Investor Chart. Top Investors are entitled to exclusive benefits. At the end of the active listing, Top Investors are notified via email to the benefits offered for their investment.

The website comes with an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page with full details on how to get started. They also offer a complete PDF download of the Modular Smart Contract to review. – How Does It Work?