Bring Your Own Whiskey, Buy Your Own Cask

Whiskey investment has heated up over the last few years to all-time highs in popularity and profits. Rare bottles and entire collections have been auctioned off for enormous amounts to collectors and investors all over the world. Some are interested in whiskey to drink, some to save in a private collection, and others are looking to store bottles and hope for price appreciation. There are so many reasons the market has been as hot as it’s been recently. The ease of bottle storage and the nearly infinite shelf life are some of the many reasons whiskey has an appeal to investors, but did you know there’s now a way to buy your own cask?

One interesting and unique trait whiskey possesses is that the product continues to mature. Before it’s bottled, whiskey remains in a cask at a distillery, and it increases in value and flavor. Now there’s a way to buy your own cask of whiskey through a company called Cask 88. The company is based in the U.K. offers access to personal cask purchases from a variety of distilleries.

Once a cask is purchased, the company helps manage and store the cask either at the distillery or an off-site storage area. You have access to inspect and taste your cask of whiskey throughout the holding process. When the decision is made to bottle the product from the cask, you have the option to develop your own branding and label with Cask 88 helping you along the entire process. You can get a free, no-obligation quote from the company to see if this concept makes sense for your whiskey investment or collection. I’m always looking for new ways companies are providing access to markets once thought off-limits, and this concept certainly applies.

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