The Difference Between Street Art vs Graffiti Art

What makes great art? There’s a fine line between street art vs graffiti art, and many famous artists have danced on both sides of the blurry line. Expression, emotion, creativeness, activism, and rebelliousness make up this amazing contrast between art, street, and urban culture. The major difference between street art vs graffiti is that street art is usually done with

Jim Carrey Net Worth – It’s Not What You Think

If you’re searching for Jim Carrey net worth, I can tell you right now; it’s just about $180 million. Give or take a few million. That’s what Google says. There. Now you know. Now you can go on with your day. But please, continue reading if you’d like to indulge. Sometimes it’s nice to go beyond the constant curiosity of

80s Art Style and the Investment Boom

The 80s art style and culture were one of the most fascinating eras in the art world. Unique personalities, groundbreaking designs, and enormous financial growth due to increased investment in artwork laid the foundation for the art market to boom in the next three decades. 80s Art A handful of charismatic personalities dominated the 80s art scene. From Andy Warhol

The Crown Prince, Legendary Jean Michel Basquiat

One of the hottest burning flames of creativity roared through New York City during the 1980s. Although the Basquiat Crown Prince has been gone for over thirty years, he’s never been more relevant than he is today. He was an artist determined to make his mark on the world by any means necessary. And he achieved his goal as a

12 Most Famous Claude Monet Paintings

Claude Monet’s famous paintings are not just incredible works of art but also some of the most valuable paintings in the world. What makes Claude Monet’s paintings so great? And why are they so valuable? Once you understand his passion and desire to create an entirely new way to interpret light and color, you’ll understand why his famous works are