1967 Quarter: Determining Value

Researching the history of the 1967 quarter is the first step to knowing what your old coin is worth. The general rule for most circulating coins minted in the 1960s and 1970s is that they’re worth only their face value — 25 cents. But there are some exceptions to this rule. Let’s find out whether you have a valuable 1967 quarter

1889 Silver Dollar Value, The Story Behind the Morgan

Whether you’re new to coin collecting or a lifelong coin enthusiast, the 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar value must be recognized and is a must-have for any coin enthusiast. Its significance in U.S. coinage history cannot be understated. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the true value of an 1889 Morgan silver dollar. So let’s clear a

How Many Quarters In a Roll?

Coin collectors just starting out wonder how many quarters in a roll? If you want to become a legendary coin collector, you need to familiarize yourself with coin rolls, why they are important, the face value of each coin roll, and how to manage them. Number of Quarters in a Roll How many quarters in a roll? There are 40

Most Valuable Wheat Pennies

Many people have amazing treasures in their possession and don’t even know it. Antiques handed down from relatives. Paintings hanging on the walls. A stack of old books in the basement. The most valuable wheat pennies have traveled great distances before finally being discovered. Some of the most incredible collectible items sit undetected for decades as their owners simply don’t

1944 Steel Penny Value for Collectors

If you’ve ever wondered why coin collectors hunt for a 1944 steel penny, keep reading. They are some of the most valuable pennies in the world, and a few are worth over $100,000. During World War II, the US Mint struck millions of steel pennies to conserve copper for use in wartime development of military technologies, including communications and sonar