Most Valuable Wheat Pennies

Many people have amazing treasures in their possession and don’t even know it. Antiques handed down from relatives. Paintings hanging on the walls. A stack of old books in the basement. The most valuable wheat pennies have traveled great distances before finally being discovered. Some of the most incredible collectible items sit undetected for decades as their owners simply don’t

1965 Quarter Values for Collectors

The 1965 quarter is one of the most remarkable quarters in U.S. history. It featured a new composition called “clad composition,” in which two different colored metals were bonded together. It gained this name because the U.S. Mint covered the pure copper core with a blend of copper and nickel. If you’re a new coin collector learning about coin values,

Half Dollar Coin Hunting and Values

There was a time not too long ago when you could find a half dollar coin almost anywhere you looked. Never as beloved as the quarter, never as ubiquitous as the penny, and not as heavy as silver dollars, half-dollar pieces were nonetheless as much a part of everyday life as any other denomination. In truth, they haven’t entirely gone

A Closer Look at Rare Coin Values

It’s challenging to figure out the rare coin market. Have rare coin values been rising or falling? Is the overall demand for rare coins healthy, or is the industry in a slump? Even the wisest coin experts have difficulty summarizing the current state of the market. The size of the collectible coin market is massive. Some reports show an industry

19 Amazing Treasures Discovered

There are many reasons people search for lost treasure. Some seek fortune and fame; others seek answers to history’s unanswered questions. The quest for uncovered treasures continues just as it has for thousands of years. Here are some of my favorite stories behind 19 amazing treasures discovered. The Caesarea Sunken Treasure Divers in the Eastern Mediterranean found sunken artifacts from