The Great Gatsby Audiobook, and a Few Other Classics You Should Hear for Yourself

Audiobooks are a modern-day miracle. Listening to The Great Gatsby audiobook is your chance to be immersed in one of the all-time great novels of American literature. When sitting down to read the actual hardcopy book might not be possible, classic novels in audiobook format are sometimes neglected and forgotten. I’m here to remind you that some of the best

Inside the World of Comic Book Collecting

The world of comic book collecting is insane. Some of the most interesting, dedicated, and die-hard collectors you will find are into comics. They know every detail about every different comic that was ever written. It’s unbelievable. Comic book collectors have a passion for great stories and fascinating characters. It’s no mystery why some of the most valuable comics in

Beyond the Fear and Greed Index

Investor psychology is a fascinating subject. There’s no better place to observe this tug of war in markets than the Fear and Greed Index. The CNN Money Fear & Greed Index doesn’t make predictions. Still, by using its seven indicators, it’s a useful tool for investors to better understand which market forces are currently dominating. Whenever you hear people making

Most Valuable Ernest Hemingway First Edition Books

You’re probably aware of the enormous price tag on first edition Ernest Hemingway books. ‘A Farewell to Arms’ and ‘The Sun Also Rises’ are a few of the most valuable first edition books of the 20th century. But there are many other great works by Hemingway with significant value and historical influence that you may have forgotten about. His stories

Discover Art History Books Through the Eyes of Famous Authors

What are the best art history books? Many people study art history through the eyes of historians. I’ll make the case that famous and prolific authors hold an intriguing historical perspective through the art history books and visual artwork they created. Who better to translate art history than the greatest wordsmiths who ever lived. But to go beyond art history