Fractional Art with Masterworks

Masterworks allows anyone to purchase fractional interests in great works of art

Own a piece of world-famous artwork and access a market that’s only been open by wealthy investors until now. With Masterworks, you’re able to buy a share of an expensive piece of art, potentially worth millions of dollars, and hold or resell shares as the masterpiece appreciates.

Masterworks is the first company to file masterpiece paintings as public offerings with the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell shares to retail and accredited investors.

What Can I Buy?

Currently, Masterworks offers two paintings for investment. The First is an Andy Warhol worth an estimated $2 Million. The minimum investment for the art is $1,000, and according to Masterworks, the piece is 91% reserved.

The second work of art available on Masterworks is by Claude Monet titled, ‘Coup de vent’ worth an estimated $8.5 Million. The minimum investment is this piece is $5,000, and it’s 80% reserved.

Coup de vent
Signed and dated “81 Claude Monet” (lower right), oil on canvas, 32 ⅛ × 25 ⅝ in. Painted in Normandy in late August – early September 1881

Historical Returns

Historical Returns (2000 – 2019)

According to Artprice, blue-chip artwork has provided better returns than the S&P by more than 250% from 2000 through 2018. Another bright spot for fine art is that it only declined 26% during the financial crisis in 2008-2009 while the S&P lost 58%. Masterworks makes the case for holding art in your portfolio not only because it performs so well but also because it has a low correlation to other asset classes. Citi Private Bank calculated the correlation coefficient of 0.11 between art and the S&P 500 Index.