Hagerty Collector Car Index Continues Fall in September

The Hagerty Index tracking collector car prices and activity fell in September to the lowest reading since May of 2012. Every component of the rating decreased, and private sales activity fell to the lowest point since June of 2014. For over a year, the number of mainstream high-end collector car owners who think values are rising continued to trend down. The expert sentiment component of the rating hit it’s the lowest point since October 2010 after soft results from the huge Monterey auctions, which were held in August. An update to the Hagerty Price Guide showed median and average condition collector car values fall.

The Hagerty Market Rating uses a weighted algorithm to calculate the strength of the collector car market in North America. It measures the current status of the market in terms of activity and directional momentum with the world’s largest database of private sale transactions. Visit Hagerty to read more about how the Market Rating works.