Invest in the History of Sports With Collectable

They are not the first fractional ownership company to offer sports collectibles. Rally Road has been doing it successfully for a while now. They will certainly not be the last company to launch into this endeavor, but Collectable aims to tailor fractional ownership strictly to the sports world. From their website, they explain Collectable will be the ‘first and only fractional ownership platform exclusively dedicated to sports.’ Now you can invest in the history of sports with Collectable.

Similar to Rally Road, their mission is to offer ownership through fractional shares in investment opportunities previously only available to wealthy collectors and investors. Collectable will focus on top-tier assets and memorabilia from the world of sports. The company has not officially launched its first offering yet but has a link on its website where you can register for early access when they go live.

One unique feature Collectable teases on its website is a “digital portfolio and simple P2P trading.” The ability to trade shares of an item directly to other users is something Rally Road is not doing currently. Another interesting note they mention is “curated collectible baskets.” I’m assuming this would be a sort of “ETF” or Exchange Traded Fund, where a basket of items would be available to own for as little as one single share. This would be a way to have ownership access to many items within the basket for an even lower entry price point. It would also enable individuals to own entire collections or categories of say, championship rings, or historical sports documents. This could be a pretty interesting way to bundle items, as collectors sell off the entirety of their collection. Collectable could then offer the entire collection as a basket rather than splitting each piece.

Rally Road has already been offering sports memorabilia successfully on its platform. Users might be wondering why there should be another company doing basically the same thing. As a big fan of Rally and a frequent user, I was initially thinking the same thing. With a little more time to think about new players in the fractional ownership game offering items from similar categories, I’m happy to see new competition. The sports memorabilia market is valued at an estimated $5.5 billion annually. With the enormous size and fragmentation of the sports collectibles market, there’s plenty of room for more than one dominant player. The variety of offerings in just one single category, such as sports, is almost endless, so users will benefit by seeing more interesting items to invest in.

One other point worth considering in this new and exciting arena of fractional ownership and investment. As competition enters the ring, the quality of items and offerings will become increasingly more important. These companies, such as Collectable, will need to employ the absolute top experts in the industry to ensure the highest quality, relevant, and legitimate items are offered at the correct price. This is something Rally Road has done superbly, in my opinion, so far. Starting with collector cars and later expanding offerings in other asset types, Rally has focused on high-quality assets in every category of their offering. Full-disclosure, I’ve been a long-time Rally Road user, fan, and advocate.

I’m excited to see the initial offerings from Collectable once they get started, hopefully soon. As competition increases in the fractional ownership space, it will motivate existing players to step their game up.