Jay Leno’s Garage and the 1963 Porsche 356 Carrera

This Porsche 356 Carrera featured on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage is pretty amazing. Jay managed to track down one of the car’s previous owners while purchasing the vehicle and invited him on the show for an interview. 

John Willhoit owned the 1963 Porsche 356 Carrera that Jay Leno eventually purchased, and the two reunited for a brief chat about the car. Willhoit, who operates Willhoit Restorations in Long Beach, CA, discussed the Carrera purchase, and you can tell he’s one of the experts on Porsche.

Willhoit originally purchased the car in 1975, restored it for a year, and sold the fully restored Carrera for $16,000. At the time, nobody had sold a Carrera for such a high price.

1963 Porsche 356 Carrera

Jay Leno’s Garage featuring a 1963 Porsche 356 Carrera and one of the car’s previous owners, John Willhoit, who restored the car back in 1976.

Jay leno’s Garage

If you’re into cars, you should be watching Jay Leno’s Garage. It’s no secret; the former Tonight Show host is into autos. From antiques to modern supercars, Jay Leno loves anything that drives. He records most episodes from his personal “garage,” where he houses his own collection valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

It’s great to see someone who’s a car fanatic like Jay discuss each car’s intricacies on his show. The car knowledge packed inside Leno’s head is pretty impressive. He knows every detail of nearly every make and model car ever produced. For as long as he remembers, he was into cars, and it shows.