Masterworks Claude Monet Nears 100% Funded

Claude Monet’s ‘Coup de vent’ painting is nearing 100% fully funded status on fractional ownership platform Masterworks. With an offering price set at $6.8 million, Masterworks Claude Monet has raised 89% of the total value.

Masterworks allows investors and art collectors the ability to purchase ownership shares in paintings by world-famous artists.

They offer works by top-performing artists opening up an asset class once only available to the mega-rich. Historical returns for blue-chip art has shown to outperform the S&P 500 over specific periods.

Masterworks offers fine art to those who want the ability to diversity away from public stock markets with non-correlated assets.

Claude Monet, Pursuing the Impossible

Claude Monet Values

The painting is one of four works by Monet while in Normandy during the summer of 1881. Masterworks details a third party independent appraisal of the picture valuing it at $8.5 million.

There’s also an auction house low and high estimate of $6.6 – $9.3 million for the painting. This is based on the opinions of auction house experts regarding a range the painting might sell for at auction. The low and high estimates are based on examination of the painting along with recent sales of comparable works.

Monet is ranked number two in a list of top 10 artists of the 10th Century and modern periods by ArtPrice. Pablo Picasso held the top spot with a total auction revenue of $346 million in 2019.

Monet works sold for a total of almost $300 million, including his ‘Meules,’ which fetched $111 million at Sotheby’s in New York.

Invest in Masterworks Claude Monet while there’s still time and own a share from one of the all-time great artists.

Masterworks Claude Monet
Prices for similar paintings by Claude Monet are based on sales data from public auctions. Includes works painted between 1875 and 1882. Image credit – Masterworks
Authentic video of Impressionist Painter Claude Monet at work on an outdoor canvas.

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