Nifty Gateway Launches Tradable Digital Art

Last year the startup Nifty Gateway was purchased, and now it has a new website. Consumers will be able to buy and sell digital collectibles from prominent artists valued at thousands of dollars per piece. The startup was purchased by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who are heavily involved in the cryptocurrency industry. As owners of Gemini, the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, the new Nifty Gateway is a way to access a potentially large market for digital and fractional art.

Michael Kagan is a New York based artist creating art focusing on space. His works have been featured in galleries across the world and now available on Nifty Gateway.

Artists include Michael Kagan and Lyle Owerko, among others. Kagan is a rising star in the art world who recently collaborated with singer Pharrell Williams on t-shirt designs and also sold an art piece through Christie’s auction house for over $40,000. Other works by Lyle Owerko have been featured on the cover of Time magazine and been a collectible sought after by celebrities.

The company the Winklevoss twins purchased was founded by two brothers, also identical twins, Griffin and Duncan Cock Foster.