Purchasing and Collecting PSA Baseball Cards

The largest most trusted third-party sports card authentication service is Professional Sports Authenticator, known as PSA. Over the last 30 years, they have graded and processed over 30 million cards and collectibles, including some of the most expensive PSA baseball cards ever to sell. Over one billion dollars worth of cards and collectibles have been valued and authenticated at PSA. They have a simple rating system, and the process is fast and efficient. Although nobody is perfect when detecting counterfeit merchandise, the company prides itself on expert inspections and authentication.

Many collectors like to purchase PSA rated baseball cards when building their collection. They enjoy the benefits of knowing professionals have scrutinized the card. Peace of mind is worth a lot when spending thousands of dollars on a card. With the PSA rating already done, you can rest easy knowing your new addition to your collection is certified. With counterfeit cards flooding the market, PSA has a better than average chance of catching fakes. They don’t claim to have a perfect record catching counterfeits, but they can increase the odds in your favor.

There are numerous other benefits included with purchasing baseball cards that have already gone through the PSA grading system. The card has a unique serial number stamped on the tamper-resistant case. This is the card’s unique fingerprint assigned to it when it arrives at PSA for grading. The card can be verified using this number for the remainder of its life.

Another benefit of purchasing baseball cards with a PSA rating is the plastic case it’s encapsulated in. Every card is inserted into a sonically sealed capsule. Features of the case include stackable edges for easy storage and a tamper-evident seal. As long as the card remains in the PSA holder, it’s backed by the guarantee of authenticity.

Many collectors prefer purchasing and collecting PSA baseball cards knowing that the certification process has already been complete. Knowing your collection includes sports cards that have been inspected by professionals can give you peace of mind. Having the ability to verify your card through the online registry will protect it’s value for many years into the future.