Rally Road Co-Founder Chris Bruno on Lindzanity Podcast

The latest podcast I really enjoyed was Rally Road co-founder Chris Bruno on Lindzanity Podcast. Chris breaks down his company and what motivated him to start a business in collector cars. The podcast is hosted by Howard Lindzon, who is the founder of Social Leverage, a venture capital company specializing in early-stage investments.

Howard and Chris discuss the concept behind Rally Road and where the company is headed. Chris explains the collector car market is worth somewhere around $150 billion, with roughly 20% turnover every year. The sale process for collector cars can be costly with conflicting interests between buyers, sellers, and brokers. He says this is one dynamic Rally Road can address. Potential sellers can bring their cars directly to Rally Road, where valuations and potential offerings can be negotiated with much more transparent information.

One of the things the company is thinking about more recently is the retail store and showroom. Howard asks Chris about the store and the reason behind it. The ability to actually see the assets and have discussions with the users is an important aspect and a way to build trust with the brand. Telling the story of each asset is important to Chris and the team.

Chris mentions a potential subscription-level service could be offered in the future.

Started in June of 2016, the company has raised over $10 million to date.

Howard is an investor in the company and has commented many times on how much he loves the concept of Rally Road. I’ve followed Howard for many years and find him to be incredibly informative and entertaining. His wisdom in the financial markets, combined with his humble approach to investing, makes him a great resource and interesting follow. Check out all the Lindzanity podcasts on his YouTube channel.

Lindzanity Podcast with Rally Rd Co-Founder Chris Bruno