Rally Road Game Worn Sneakers Sell Out In 3 Minutes

Rally Road offered NBA Rookie sensation Zion Williamson game-worn sneakers on their fractional investment app and promptly sold out in 3 minutes. If you attempted to scoop up a few shares of the collector sneakers as I did, you needed to move quickly. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure a piece of the famous kicks because of the frantic buying. Just as I was submitting my buy order, I was notified shares were gone. According to the Rally Road App there were a total of 104 investors and collectors who paid $30.00 per share, valuing the sneakers at $15,000.

If you haven’t heard of Rally Road yet, it’s a fractional investment company where you can buy shares in collector cars, watches, memorabilia, books, and other collectibles, just like you would buy stock in a company on the stock market. As a frequent user of the app and overall fan and supporter of the company, I highly recommend you download the app. Check out a great podcast with company co-founder Rob Petrozzo here.

One of the many great things I love about Rally Road is the variety of offerings recently. The company initially began featuring collector cars, and after only a few years, they’ve expanded into many different types of collectibles where now there’s something for everyone who wants to get involved in the fractional ownership and investment community.

The latest collectible to hit the market was a pair of game-worn sneakers by an NBA future superstar. Zion Williamson is a 19-year-old basketball star playing for the New Orleans Pelicans. Although he’s only in his first year in the NBA, in many ways, Zion has been a superstar for some time already. Zion was offered his first college scholarship when he was a freshman in high school. After playing for Duke in college, he was the first overall pick in the draft. NBA player Kevin Durant has described him as a “once in a generation type athlete.” Others simply call him a “freak of nature.”

The Rally Road Zion sneakers were valued at $15,000, which could potentially be a bargain if Zion continues his path to super-stardom. Last year a pair of his size 15 Nike Kyrie 5’s sold at a Goldin Auction for $20,000 with the minimum bid for the Duke worn shoes beginning at $7,500. The Rally Road sneakers are game-worn from his senior year at Spartanburg High School, making them even more appealing, in my opinion, than the $20,000 Goldin Auction shoes.