Real Estate investment brick by brick with BrickX

Simple and affordable investing in the property market

Buy a ‘Brick’ at BrickX and invest in the rental real estate market without the headaches – where a ‘Brick’ in this case represents a fraction of a property.

BrickX hand-picks quality properties and divides them into 10,000 Bricks. Investors choose which homes they would like to purchase bricks in, or you can allow BrickX to select for you with a feature they call Smart Invest.

Monitor your investments in your portfolio and earn net rental income in proportion to how many Bricks you own. You are also earning any capital returns in the property price change when you sell your Bricks.

Investors are free to sell their Bricks at any time by setting a sale price and the number of Bricks you’re offering for sale, and other investors are free to purchase them from you. The company says since October 2016 the average time to sell Bricks based on the member to member transactions has been 24 hours.

This BrickX home is for sale for just $82 per share, or per Brick.
Photo credit BrickX

The company says it currently has 13,555 members with property valued at $19.5 Million.