Rock Island Auction Brings in Over $7 Million in June

The 2017 June Gun Auction by Rock Island Auction Company was one of the largest in the region with over $7 Million in sales. Highlights of the event for day 1 featured an engraved Winchester Model 1866 and a Remington Model 8 and Model 81 Rifle. Second-day action saw sales of an engraved Henry rifle and a Borchardt pistol witch hit more than double its high estimate to sell for $17,250.

The successful June event is a good sign for one of the largest firearm auction houses in the world and promises to make the September auction a must-see for collectors and investors. For more info on Rock Island and the September event go here.

Colt DA Target Revolvers with gold inlaid Rampant Colts

Percussion Field Cannon

If you’ve ever wanted your very own Percussion Field Cannon, now is your chance. In the upcoming Rock Island Auction, a cannon will be auctioned that resembles a “Woodruff Gun,” which was used by western cavalry units during the Civil War.

The estimated sale price is $3,500 to $6,500 for the Field Cannon, which has a 47″ barrel and a 50″ carriage wheelbase. Included with the cannon is a collection of accessories related to transporting, loading and firing. A cleaning rod, ramrod, powder measure, bore brush, and double cavity ball mold by C. Palmer.

rock island auction
The Percussion Field Cannon with accessories is estimated to be valued at $3,500 to $6,500.

Teddy Roosevelts Revolver

On the second day of the Rock Island Auction, “The Sale of the Century” featured the Colt Single Action Army revolver owned by Teddy Roosevelt. The revolver was ordered as a gift on Roosevelt’s 54th birthday and was shipped just a week before the election of 1912 and ten days before his assassination attempt in Milwaukee, WI.

The colt single action revolver sold for $1.4 million. Rock Island Auction Company President Kevin Hogan remarked after the sale, “year after year, these numbers increase, and it’s no coincidence. People love holding history in their hands and have always wanted to possess what is beautiful. Collecting fine arms satisfies both.”

Teddy Roosevelt’s historic revolver.