Skateboard Collecting Is Not a Crime

If you want to do something rad this weekend, consider skateboard collecting as your next hobby. Then, prepare to be amazed by what you discover in the world of collector skateboard decks from one of the coolest sports ever created.

Largest Skateboard Collections of All Time

A great artist has many paintbrushes. A true craftsman has the finest tools. A great mathematician has a library of books full of theorems and equations. The best skateboarders in the world have hundreds of skateboards. Some of the largest collections of skateboards ever assembled under one roof belong to the greats. Who are these O.G.’s of the skater world who now hold some of the largest collections?

Steve Caballero – Skateboard Legend

One of the best skateboarders to ever walk the earth is also a prolific skateboard collecting superstar. Steve Caballero has pulled off some of the most difficult tricks of all time and invented many of the tricks he made famous. After starting to skateboard at the age of 12, Caballero was sponsored by Powell Peralta when he was 15. Thrasher Magazine awarded Caballero “Skater of the Century” in 1999.

This video is incredible, featuring Steve Caballero and his collection of amazing skateboards.

Caballero owns over 90 skateboards from the 1960s. He explains in the video that when the skateboarding craze hit full speed in the early 60s, every manufacture began producing skateboards.

You can tell from the video Caballero has enormous respect for the vintage 60s boards from when the sport was still in its infancy. His knowledge of skateboarding history and reflection on the origin of the sport is really cool to watch.

In a candid part of the video, Caballero discusses his love for skateboard collecting and the challenge he faces when realizing he might be going overboard. It’s a problem many of us can relate to when your interest and fascination in a certain topic takes over, and it becomes more of an addiction than a hobby.

You can tell he’s always trying to find the balance between collecting the next great skateboard and not getting too crazy with his love for the sport.

Todd Huber – Skateboard Collecting Mastermind

If you thought Steve Caballero had an amazing collection of skateboards, wait until you have a look at Todd Huber. The way Todd describes it, at one time, he was a heavy cigarette smoker, and once he stopped smoking, he started skateboard collecting.

Huber says that all the extra time and energy from kicking his bad smoking habit allowed him to dive headfirst into the world of amazing skateboards. Turning a negative smoking habit into a positive skateboard collecting addiction.

Owner of the first ever skateboard museum, Todd Huber loves skateboarding and loves to discuss his collection of over 5,000 skateboards.

Todd Huber now owns over 5,000 skateboards. His very first board was a “Surf-n-Suzi,” which he shows off in the video. You can tell he has fond memories of his early skating days. Huber says he’s spent roughly $100,000 over the years purchasing vintage and unique skateboards but adds that his collection was recently appraised at $500,000.

One really cool fact that I learned from his video was that vintage Russian skateboards are incredibly rare, unique, and valuable. His skateboard museum also includes a full retail shop and an indoor air-conditioned skate park.

Eric Pinto – Skateboard Collecting Savant

Eric Pinto considers himself more of a skateboard historian than a skateboard collector, which is pretty damn cool. He has filled nearly every inch of his Brooklyn apartment with amazing skateboards.

Not only does Eric have an amazing collection of vintage boards, but he has the progression of many boards as they evolved over the years. The various colors, shapes, and contours of each manufacture, with each board displayed in proper chronological or color order.

Skateboard historian Eric Pinto shows off his incredible collection in his Brooklyn apartment. Pinto owns many significant boards that were actually used by legendary skaters back in the day.

Skateboard Collecting on eBay

If you have a few old skateboard decks lying around your garage, you might want to take a second look. It turns out some of the vintage skateboard decks from the last few decades can be worth thousands of dollars.

Head over to eBay, and you can find an amazing, vintage Zoo York Kaws Phil Frost collaboration skateboard deck is selling for $5,000. Phil Frost is a self-trained artist from New York known for his street art with roots in the graffiti movement. In 2016, snowboard company Burton released a series designed with graphics by Frost, including equipment and apparel.

Another featured skateboard selling on eBay is one of the first boards that legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk ever sold.

This board, in particular, is in working condition and from 1988. It is supposedly pulled right out of the basement where it’s been hiding since the owner’s son rode it 30 years ago. Now selling for $1,500.

Powell Peralta Skateboard Decks

In 1978, George Powell and Stacy Peralta teamed up to create one of the most iconic skateboard companies in the sports history.

The idea to build skateboards began while George was studying engineering at Stanford University. During the mid-1970s, Powell’s son complained that his skateboard didn’t ride very smooth, which began the wheels turning in George’s engineering mind as to how he could improve on the old skateboard design.

Powell experimented with various materials, such as urethane for the wheels and aluminum for the board. Eventually, a fiberglass board made sense, and suddenly he had a uniquely improved board that required rigorous testing by some local skaters. One of the test riders for those early board inventions was Stacy Peralta.

George Powell discusses the history of Powell Peralta, one of the most well-known skateboarding manufacturing companies in the world.

In a recent interview, Stacy Peralta discussed the beginning of the skateboard VHS video and how it helped launched the sport in the 1980s. Each year, Powell Peralta would produce video highlights of amazing skateboarding tricks and distribute them across the country.

In a time period before YouTube, kids would play the VHS videos over and over again in their living room VCRs. Watching the Powell Peralta skateboarding videos, kids across the country would learn the latest tricks and tips to become better skateboarders. Now, all they needed was a new board—brilliant marketing by the godfathers of the sport.

Cool Skateboard Decks and Skateboard Collecting Ideas

There are thousands of amazing skateboard decks to look at once you begin down the rabbit hole. The skateboard’s incredible design and artistic expression were as much part of the sport as anything else. The board was everything, and the rider was free to paint the canvas however they decided to ride it.