The Astronomia Sky Watch by Jacob & Co.

The Astronomia Sky watch by Jacob and Co watches is a real feat of watchmaking. The founder of Jacob & Co. commented on the watch, “as a sailor heading toward the seas driven by the celestial vault, I found my star: the Astronomia Sky.”

Unveiled in 2014 and going against the conservative watch design trend of the last few years. The Astronomia Sky Watch by Jacob & Co. can be yours for roughly $750,000.

The fixed dial, which shows the time is fixed on a differential system, so it’s always right side up. Behind that, there’s a globe that turns inside a hemisphere of sapphire. The tourbillon rotates around the inner axis every 60 seconds and the outer axis every five minutes.

The watch looks different each time you look at it. It was produced with a ‘four-armed’ movement design where there’s a dial for the time, tourbillon, seconds indicator, and spinning orb. The earth orb moves around to signify day and night. The small globe is made from titanium and hand-lacquered and engraved.

Just like most other pieces made from the company, the Astronomia Sky Watch by Jacob & Co. is part of a limited edition set, just one of 18 watches made.

The Astronomia Sky Watch by Jacob & Co.

The watch by Jacob & Co. is a three-dimensional triple-axis tourbillon watch with a celestial dial beneath an oval sky with rotating stars. The specs described as 18ct gold with a sidereal display and an oval sky indicator of the celestial panorama. Gravitational triple-axis tourbillon, day/night indicator, hours and minutes subdial and orbital second hand, “Jacob Cut” red moon orange sapphire with 288 facets. 

Limited Edition for Watches of Switzerland

Jacob and Co have recently created a limited edition watch exclusively for Watches of Switzerland and Mayors stores. The program attempts to lend support to independent watchmakers bringing fresh design to the industry. “We are constantly striving to raise the bar and deliver breakthrough experiences for our clients.” David Hurley, who’s vice president of Watches of Switzerland Group.

“Watches of Switzerland is one of our most important retail partners, so when they approached us to collaborate with them on this limited edition project, we were happy to,” said Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob and Co watches.

The sky blue limited edition Epic X Chrono line features a blue mineral crystal dial and rose gold accents in a titanium case. It’s expected to retail in the U.S. for $48,000, with only 180 pieces produced in total. Included in the exhibition, Jacob and Co will present other rarely seen watches, including the Astronomia Dragon, Astronomia Solar Baguette, Twin Turbos Furious, and the Fleure de Jardin.