The Attic Update is a weekly look at the exciting world of collecting and investing in alternative assets.

The Attic Update is broken down into three sections, Past, Present, and Future. Each week, we deliver:

PAST – Interesting ideas about the history of collecting, investing, and markets.

PRESENT – Ten of the most relevant stories over the last week in collecting and investing in alternative assets.

FUTURE – A closer look at what’s next for alternative assets and the people working hard to make visions into reality.

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October 17 The Attic Update Vol. 14 – Sluggers, Banksy, and Bankman

October 10 The Attic Update Vol. 13 – The First Ferrari, Scarcity, and Shoeless Joe

October 3 The Attic Update Vol. 12 – The Ultimate Collectible, V8 Vantage, and Epic Gaming

September 26 The Attic Update Vol. 11 – Pursuing the Impossible, Mungerisms, and Museum Dividends

September 19 The Attic Update Vol. 10 – The Secretive Winery, Caveat Emptor, and Banksy’s Shredded Balloon

September 12 The Attic Update Vol. 9 – Vinyl Records, Vintage Broncos, and Fractional Real Estate

September 5 The Attic Update Vol. 8 – Beautiful Work, November Rain, and Trading Event Contracts

August 29 The Attic Update Vol. 7 – Vintage Dirt Bikes, Arbitraging Darwin, and Musical Royalties

August 21 The Attic Update Vol. 6 – Gaming Evolution, Double Eagle Liberty, and the Trading Platform Wars

August 15 The Attic Update Vol. 5 – McLaren F1, Bill Murray’s painting, and buying the metaverse

August 8 The Attic Update Vol. 4 – Where’s Dmitri, Fear and Greed, and VC Star Power

August 1 The Attic Update Vol. 3 – Auctioning an Empire, CryptoPunks, and Real-Time Card Vales

July 24 The Attic Update Vol. 2 – Teddy Roosevelt and the Holy Grail, new features and funding, and digital thoroughbreds

July 18 The Attic Update Vol. 1 – The dagger from the sky, auction records shattered, and an electric masterpiece on wheels