The Hand of Leonardo – Michael Lewis Podcast

Everyone knows who Michael Lewis is by now. What you may not realize is that he’s started a new podcast recently called ‘Against The Rules With Michael Lewis.’ The podcast takes aim at fairness, or lack thereof in financial markets, sports, newsrooms, courts of law, and several other areas. All the episodes thus far have been excellent, and I highly recommend you check them out, and also, his books are a must-read if you haven’t already read them.

The most recent episode takes a look at the widely covered last sale of a supposed Leonardo da Vinci painting titled, ‘Salvator Mundi.’ The highly controversial piece recently sold at auction for $450 Million, and its whereabouts have been in question since the sale. Lately, it’s been reported the mystery buyer was a Saudi Prince.

Against The Rules Podcast with Michael Lewis

In the podcast, Lewis examines the role of the fine art authenticator. He questions the motives and objectiveness by such a small group of people with an enormous amount of money on the line. In the case of the ‘Salvator Mundi,’ there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars of gain to be had by maybe just possibly overlooking a few undeniable historical facts.

Some art historians agree the painting is, in fact, not an original Leonardo da Vinci work. According to an Oxford University academic, the painting was done partly or mostly by Leonardo’s assistant. He claims that the work of art was created mainly by Bernardino Luini, an artist in the same workshop as Leonardo.

Check out all his episodes and look for a brand new show every Tuesday.

Michael Lewis interview discussing his new podcast “Against The Rules”