Weiss Crypto Ratings for Extensive Independent Analysis

Crypto investing continues to evolve rapidly. The speed at which this relatively new technology is pervading the globe is pretty astounding. Investors are attracted to crypto for a variety of reasons, but there’s always a great need for quality research and analysis. There’s a solid resource out there for both veteran crypto investors and new participants alike. The rating agency, Weiss Crypto Ratings, provides a load of information and resources for the crypto world while attempting to remain totally independent from issuers and sponsors.

Ratings Since 1971

Since 1971, Weiss Ratings has provided complete objectivity, high ethics, and strict independence on over 53,000 institutions and investments such as stocks, ETFs, U.S. banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and now, cryptocurrencies. Since 2018, through the Weiss Crypto Ratings, the company has been providing the very first complete ratings on virtually every cryptocurrency in existence. By analyzing thousands of data points on each coin’s technology, Weiss Crypto Ratings attempts to deliver much-needed clarity to identify solid crypto information to help investors make better decisions.

Weiss Ratings for a Paradigm Shift

Weiss Crypto Ratings believes the potential is enormous for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to become a powerful force for investors and consumers in the coming years. By providing transparency, full disclosure, and objective standards, Weiss Crypto Ratings and their team of analysts have developed a system to help investors avoid both the hype and the fear of what can sometimes be an extremely volatile landscape.

Weiss Crypto Ratings
The Weiss Crypto Ratings include coins ranked based on Investment Risk, completely sortable tables with real-time updated pricing for each coin. Image credit – Weisscrypto.com

The Weiss Crypto Ratings Scale

The Weiss Ratings Scale consists of letter grades for each coin or token-based on various factors. “A” grade for excellent, “B” grade for good, “C” grade for fair, “D” grade for weak, and an “E” grade for very weak. There is also an “F” grade applied to the coin or token which have failed or is suspected of fraud. The goal is to provide ratings for crypto-based on each coin or token’s ability to survive long-term. The ratings are also a tool for consumers utilizing crypto to purchase goods and services and merchants accepting payment in crypto.

weiss ratings crypto investor
The Weiss Crypto Market Momentum Ratings. Each coin is given a letter-grade based on the current momentum. Image credit – Weisscrypto.com

Although Weiss crypto ratings are formulated by industry analysis dedicated to providing the absolute best guidance possible, there are always important caveats to keep in mind. First and foremost, the ratings are not investment advice, and past performance is no assurance of future outcomes. Crypto investing and all investing, for that matter, depends on each investor’s risk tolerance and unique financial situations.

Secondly, the Weiss Crypto Ratings do not follow the conventional rating agency scale “triple-A to single C” designations, where a “B” grade would be considered “junk.” Cryptocurrencies do not need to maintain an A rating for investment consideration; even a C grade is considered adequate for possible investment. Thirdly, the Weiss Crypto Ratings do not designate any coins or tokens as safe, risk-risk free investments.

Weiss Crypto Model

There are five components to the Weiss Crypto Ratings. Current data on the currency’s technology, adoption, risk, and momentum. Formulas converting data into comparable ratios. Sub-models to aggregate ratios to determine the success or failure of a potential investment in a particular currency. Long term and short term potential success based on price patterns and the overall rating, which combines the Tech/Adoption Grade with the Market Performance Grade.

weiss crypto ratings
The Weiss Crypto Rating by Top Coins list each coin based on the total market cap. Image credit – Weisscrypto.com

Weiss Ratings Services

Weiss Ratings began in 1971 with the mission to empower consumers, investors, and professionals to make quality decisions and avoid financial pitfalls. Their website provides enormous resources for investors, from stocks to ETFs to insurance companies, Weiss Ratings maintains strict independent analysis for investors.

A few unique services they offer are the Weiss Ratings Under the Radar Stocks report, where Weiss analysts generate a monthly report profiling stocks with the greatest profit potential. They also offer a Safe Money Report, where users receive a monthly market overview and investment ideas.

Welcomed Analysis

There’s always a need for independent and in-depth analysis of markets, especially in the current investing landscape. Whenever I find a solid resource such as Weiss Ratings, I’m excited to share it.

Applying comprehensive analysis to new emerging technology like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can be incredibly important if you’re venturing into these exciting yet potentially dangerous waters. Always remember to do your own homework when it comes to investing, use the mountain of resources available to you to formulate your own conclusions, never invest more than you can afford to lose, and take full responsibility for your financial decisions. Investing is a journey that will continue for as long as you live. Be patient, diligent, and try to enjoy the ride.

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