What I’m Listening To – The Knowledge Project Podcast

A great podcast I listened to over the weekend was from Farnam Street with an interview from Oaktree Captial Co-founder Howard Marks.

Shane Parrish runs the Farnam Street podcast and website, where he does excellent interviews on a variety of topics and writes about helping develop mental models to understand how the world works. Shane has been profiled in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others, and has developed a very loyal following.

In the interview with Howard Marks titled, ‘Luck, Risk, and Avoiding Losers’ Shane discuss risk assessment and how to think differently from the crowd. As a long-time reader of Howard’s memos and many of his books, I always enjoy listening to him. Shane does an especially nice job laying out the mentality of someone who’s not only survived 40 years of money management but is one of the best there is.