Who Is Banksy?

There’s been lots of speculation on the real identity of the famous street artist, “Banksy.” In 2010, the documentary, “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” was supposed to be released as a film detailing the life of Banksy but ended being a spoof movie about an artist named “Mr. Brainwash.” The film documented a character who had no identifiable artistic talent but made many million-dollar sales by deceiving the art industry. This film only piqued the public’s interest in the true identity of Banksy.

A good summary on the mysterious street artist Banksy, and a few guesses to the true identity.

Nevertheless, you can follow the Banksy Instagram account where there are new posts every couple of weeks. The account features over 10 million followers, and the mysterious artist reminds users you won’t find the artist on Facebook or Twitter.

The Banksy Instagram account with more than 10 million followers.