Things That Never Change

things that never change

I heard Jeff Bezos describe a concept he used to build Amazon and it blew my mind.

It’s so simple, yet the way Bezos explained it really changed the way I think and act.

In the Walter Isaacson book, ‘Invent and Wander,’ Bezos describes it like this –

“I get asked a very interesting question from time to time:

“Jeff, what’s going to change over the next ten years?” And I enjoy playing with the answer. That’s a fun dinner conversation.”

Bezos Continues –

jeff bezos quote

“So I know for a fact that Amazon customers are going to want low prices ten years from now. That’s not going to change. Customers are going to want fast delivery. They’re going to want big selection. So all the energy we’ve put into those things will continue to pay dividends.

It is impossible to imagine a customer coming to me ten years from now and saying, “Jeff, I love Amazon. I just wish you delivered a little more slowly” or “I just wish the prices were a little higher.” That’s not going to happen.”

Finally, Bezos wraps up his unique insight with this stunningly simple phrase –

jeff bezos quote

So what should you put your energy into?

That’s the biggest question of our lives. But do we run through the thought exercise the way Bezos recommends?

What Should You Do?

We all have our responsibilities, and certain things that need to be done. So take care of business, of course.

But most of us have a small amount of extra time for leisure that we don’t know how to spend.

That’s where I come in.

I can help.

You should put some of your energy into learning about the world’s greatest collectibles.

The benefits are enormous.

I’ve argued that collecting has so many benefits that most people don’t realize. And that it’s a gateway to exploring the history and culture of the world.

One of my favorite aspects of collecting is timelessness.

We can apply the Bezos concept to collecting and know that appreciation of the world’s greatest collectibles will not go away. They will always be coveted.

They will always be cherished as part of our history and culture.

They will always be desired as examples of beauty.

In fact, you could make the argument that the very finest collectibles will increasingly be more and more appreciated and valued as time goes on.

That’s something that I want to put my energy into. Not the latest trends and fads, but time-tested and proven world treasures.

So I propose spending time and energy learning about the world’s greatest coins, sports cards, collector cars, and fine art. And that’s just to get started.

You can branch off into any collectible segment at any time, but these four categories of collectibles will get you headed in the right direction of discovery.

Start with these four categories and there’s no possible way you won’t find something interesting. I can promise you that.

Things That Never Change

As you put energy into your collecting journey, you can bank on this simple fact. The culture, history, and appreciation you’ll learn will be just as valuable today as it will be ten years from now.

With a better understanding of the world’s greatest collectibles, you’ll be able to connect with others who value the same things.

People who value –

  1. Craftsmanship
  2. Quality
  3. Beauty
  4. Timelessness
  5. Cultural Significance
  6. History
  7. Desirability
  8. Rarity
  9. Story

These things will always be valued, and people will be searching for them for decades to come.

That will never change, and the energy you spend understanding these concepts will enhance your life considerably.

Get started! Have fun, and let me know what happens.

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