You Need a Hobby

attic capital you need a hobby

You need a hobby.

I recommend collecting.

Collect what? Doesn’t matter.

Here’s an idea. Start with one coin.

Learn about it – and give your mind a break.

You need to give your mind a break from the daily grind.

Collecting coins – or anything else for that matter, serves a critical function for rest.

Collectors have tried to explain this for hundreds of years –

you need a hobby

The collector goes on to explain –

attic capital collecting

It’s never been more important to unplug – and take up a relaxing hobby.

But not just for rest.

It could also help fuel your next breakthrough idea.

In the book “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation,”

author Steven Johnson searches for patterns among the producers of great ideas across disciplines –

I’m not telling you to collect coins, you need to find what sparks your interest.

Choose something that seems interesting to you, and begin the pursuit of acquiring a piece of that world.

Still not convinced?

Are you stressed, bored, frustrated, burnt out, and looking for a change?

I completely understand.

Looking for advice on how to get yourself out of a funk? Want to improve your life, but not sure where to turn?

The self-help guru’s will tell you to do these things:

  1. Meditate
  2. Sleep
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Read
  5. Lift weights
  6. Journal
  7. Yoga
  8. Buy their books!
  9. Cold plunge…

I could go on and on. Don’t get me wrong, these things I just listed are great, I practice many of them every day.

But the self-help guru’s are usually missing one very important aspect of overall health and happiness.

  1. A hobby!

You need to collect for enjoyment, excitement, adventure, and exploration!

Over 100 years ago, legendary coin collector Thomas L. Elder reminds me, and all the wellness gurus – please, please don’t forget about your collecting hobby…

If you want to stay young.

First, Elder argues the collector is –

“A most valuable member of society. One whose pursuit, study and research in connection with his hobby have magnified his imaginative, aesthetic, romantic, and intellectual qualities.”

He adds, the collector is, “The finest sort of an example of the cultured and refined man…”

Then he ended with a line that caught my eye –

attic capital

Let me try just one more time.

You need a hobby. And collecting something interesting, fascinating, and beautiful just might lead you down a path of discovery you never thought possible.


I can only tell you how it happened to me.

Collecting is my excuse to explore the world.

I love to detach, rest, travel, and give my mind something new to focus on.

I’m an explorer! And I love to discover new things.

My life has greatly improved by exploring the world through the lens of collecting.

It’s a never-ending, fascinating study of world history, culture, and civilization as we know it.

It will lead in new directions you never thought possible at the start.

Collecting will connect you with the most interesting people in the world, and give you a new appreciation for history’s greatest collectors, and creators.

Still feeling down, exhausted, and hopeless?

Give it a try. Start your search for something cool to collect.

Or help someone get started in their journey for rest, relaxation, discovery, and enjoyment.

You never know where the path will lead.

Let me know what happens!

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