saint gaudens double eagle
Saint Gaudens Double Eagles
The most beautiful and valuable gold coins ever created.
dmitri young collection
The Dmitri Young Collection
The greatest collection of baseball rookie cards ever assembled.
pagani automobili
Pagani Automobili
Stunning creations joining art and science. Automotive design and engineering, perfected.

I’m searching for the world’s greatest collectibles.

Fascinated by the history, provenance, and extreme value these items hold.

Buying? I can help.

Selling? I’m interested and would like to talk.

From the most rare Pagani hypercars, to the 1907 ultra high relief double eagle gold coin, if you own one of the world’s greatest collectibles, I would love to discuss it with you.

I search the globe to meet fascinating collectors, hear their stories, and help them in their journey. Always in confidence.

I’m looking forward to crossing paths with you someday.

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Every Pagani Model Ever Built

I see the question constantly, “How many Pagani models were made?” There’s no simple answer. Pagani has created 60 different models, and the list continues to grow. Pagani…

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