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Top 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards

RankCardGradeDate SoldFactsBuyer & SellerImageValue
11952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie CardSGC 9.52022There are two variations of the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle with subtle design features. About 1,800 1952 Topps Mantle cards are known to exist, most in poor condition.When Ted Lodge found a box of 1952 Topps in his father's attic, it contained several Mickey Mantle cards. Alan Rosen purchased them in 1986, and sold one to Anthony Giordano for $50,000. Giordano had the card graded, an SCG 9.5, the highest known grade for the card.1952 topps mickey mantle$12,600,000
21909 T206 Sweet Caporal Honus WagnerSGC 22022An estimated 50 to 200 T206 Wagner cards were produced. This sale was an all-time record for highest price ever paid for a baseball card - until one month later the SCG 9.5 Mickey Mantle Card sold for $12.6 mil.Sold in the early 1970s for $1,100, and again in 2012 for $1.2 million to an unidentified buyer.1909 honus wagner $7,250,000
31914 Baltimore News Babe RuthSGC 32021The 11 card set printed by the Charm City newspaper included game schedules on the back of the card. Purchased by fractional share platform, Collectable, investors can buy shares in the card for $10 bucks each. The card is kept at the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore.1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth$6,000,000
41952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie CardPSA 92021While the PSA 9 graded Mantle card sold for $5.2 million, there are three PSA 10 graded cards that have not sold for years.Once owned by pro football player Even Mathis, the card was purchased by actor, Rob Gough.1952 topps mickey mantle$5,200,000
51933 Goudey Babe Ruth #53PSA 92021The yellow background Ruth card in one of four in the 1933 Goudey set. Sold by lifelong card collector and neurologist Dr. Thomas Newman. 1933 goudey babe ruth #53$4,212,000
62009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Mike TroutBGS 92020The card is one-of-a-kind, signed by Trout and marked "1/1"Sold by Dave Oancea, also known as "Vegas Dave." Oancea paid $400,000 for the card in 2018.2009 bowman chrome draft prospects mike trout superfractors$3,840,000
71916 M101 Sporting News Babe RuthPSA 72021The 1916 Sporting News set inlcudes 200 cards, some cards had advertisements on the back, while others were blank. Only 35 known Sporting News Ruth cards exist. One PSA 7 graded card, and one PSA 8 card.Mile High Card Company sold the card to an unnamed buyer.1916 sporting news babe ruth$2,400,000
81955 Topps Roberto Clemente RookiePSA 92021While there is 11 PSA 9 graded Clemente rookie cards, there is only 1 PSA 10 card. The 'Dmitri Young Collection' Clemente PSA 10 card last sold in 2012.Goldin Auctions sold the Clemente card to a private collector1955 topps roberto clemente rookie$1,107,000
91925 Exhibits Lou GehrigPSA 520221925 was Gehrig's breakout season. Only 2 cards in higher graded PSA 6 condition exist. Memory Lane auctions sold the card with a starting bid of $200,000.1925 exhibits lou gehrig$1,032,000
101969 Topps Reggie Jackson RookiePSA 102021The only PSA 10 Reggie Jackson Topps rookie card to exist, it's part of the famous Dmitri Young Collection. The last time the card sold was in 2012 for $115,000.Heritage Auctions sold the Reggie Jackson rookie to a private buyer1969 topps reggie jackson rookie card$1,005,800

Top 10 Most Valuable Football Cards

12000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Auto/TicketBGS 9 BGS$4.3 million
21958 Topps Jim Brown RookiePSA 9$336,000
32000 SP Authentic Tom Brady RookieBGS 10$312,000
42000 Bowman Tom Brady Gold RookieBGS 9$288,000
51957 Topps Bart Starr RookiePSA 9$288,000
61965 Topps Joe Namath RookiePSA 9$264,000
72000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady RefractorBGS 9.5$233,700
81935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski RookiePSA 9$200,000
91957 Topps Johnny Unitas RookiePSA 9$82,500
101976 Topps Walter Payton RookiePSA 10$81,600

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