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The Attic Top 5 - This Week's Rare Coin Insights

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The Attic Top 5Attic Capital
1. News of the WeekHigh-quality MS67 Morgan Dollars from the ‘Tombstone Hoard’ heading to auction starting in April.
2. Favorite Video of the WeekMuch thought and care goes into each coin design. The World War I centennial coin was no different. Designers and sculptors wanted to mark the coin with a feeling of hope even in times of war.
3. Deal of the WeekWondering how to display your coins? Here are 20 floating 3D coin displays for $20 on Amazon. It’s a no-brainer!
4. Random Thought of the WeekHow many coins in circulation are there? Here are a few numbers to ponder. The US Mint produced over 816 billion coins in the last 100 years. That’s almost 170 billion dollars worth.
5. Featured CompanyThe Truman Company is a local coin shop that has a cool free promotion. Keep an eye out for their weekly giveaway - one Truman branded silver 1 oz. round. Like the tweet and follow their account for a chance to win.
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Most Valuable Coins of All Time

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RankCoinGradeDate SoldCompositionFactsBuyer & SellerImageValue
11933 Double EagleMS65202190% gold, 10% copper445,500 Double Eagle coins were minted in 1933, none were circulated, all but two were melted down. Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman sold the coin to a private party after buying the coin in 2002 for $7.59 million.1933 Double Eagle$18,900,000
21794 Flowing Hair DollarSP66202290% silver, 10% copperThis coin is believed to be the very first silver dollar struck by the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. One of just 1,758 silver dollars minted on the first day of production.Nevada businessman Bruce Morelan sold the coin to auction house Great Collections after buying the coin for $10 million in 2013.1974 flowing hair silver dollar$12,000,000
31787 Brasher Doubloon EB WingSP662021GoldNew York Goldsmith Ephraim Brasher designed gold coins that were mostly forgotten, then rediscovered at the Philadelphia Mint in 1838. Only seven examples are know to exist.First sold in 1907 for $6,200, then again in 1979 for $725,000.1787 Brasher Doubloon EB Wing$9,360,000
41822 Half EagleAU50202191.7% gold, 8.3% copperThere is only one 1822 Half Eagle coin owned privately, and this is the one. The other two coins are permanently held at the Smithsonian.First owned by Virgil Brand in 1899, then sold to Louis Eliasberg in 1945. Brent Pogue purchased the coin in 1982. Sold to an anonymous buyer for $8.4 million. That gives the $5 coin a 7.5% annual return over 199 years.1822 Half Eagle$8,400,000
51804 Bust DollarPR68202189% silver, 11% copperThe coins were minted at the order of President Andrew Jackson to be given as diplomatic gifts. This coin was given to the Sultan of Muscat, Said bin Sultan Al-Said, in 1835.Real estate developer, and lifelong numismatist, Brent Pogue, paid $4.1 million for the coin in 1999. It was only the second time the coin was sold since it mysteriously appeared in a London auction in 1917.1804 Bust Dollar$7,680,000
61787 Brasher Doubloon EB BreastAU50201189% gold, 6% silver, 3% copper, 2% trace elementsCreator of the coin, Ephraim Brasher, lived at 1 Cherry Street in New York, next door to President George Washington. Sold for $505 in 1882, and again in 1981 for $625,000. An unnamed Wall Street Investment firm purchased the coin in 2011 from an anonymous seller.1787 Brasher Doubloon EB Breast$7,395,000
71861 Paquet Liberty Head Double EagleMS67202190% gold, 10% copperBefore any 1861 Double Eagles were released for circulation, they were ordered to be recalled and melted. Only two examples known to exist. Originally sold for $37 in 1865, later owned by King Farouk of Egypt in the 1940s. Then purchased by Mrs. Emery May Holden Norweb. Sold again in the late 1980s for $660,000.1861 Paquet Liberty Head Double Eagle$7,200,000
81794 Flowing Hair DollarMS66+202190% silver, 10% copperIn 1791, Congress established the national mint and President George Washington urged Congress to pass the Coinage Act of 1792. By October, 1794, the first silver dollars were struck.Past owners of the MS66+ example are Colonel EH Green, Adolph Friedman, Lelan Rogers, and Jay Parrino1794 Flowing Hair Dollar$6,600,000
91723 Umayyad Gold DinarN/A2011GoldThe translated text on the coin reads, "Mine of the Commander of the Faithful." It was struck with gold from the caliph's mine near the holy city of Mecca.The coin was purchased for a European private collection. 1723 Umayyad Gold Dinar$6,029,000
101787 Brasher Doubloon EB WingMS63+201889% gold, 6% silver, 3% copper, 2% trace elementsSome theories suggest the Brasher Doubloons were supposed to be struck in copper, but the gold versions were used as bribes for New York politicians for Brasher to land the contract for the copper coinage.Purchased for a private collection.1787 Brasher Doubloon EB Wing$5,500,000

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