The 1974 Quarter – History, Errors, and Value of a Classic Coin

1974 quarter value is often questioned. With hundreds of millions of 1974 quarters minted, rare coin collectors want to know if any are worth money.

It’s one of the most recognizable and widely distributed coins. Since 1932, several U.S. Mints have minted the Washington Quarter with a copper-nickel cladding.

Although it’s a high-mintage coin, you can still find plenty of valuable 1974 quarters, depending on condition, mint marks, and rare errors.

1974 quarter with no mark of mint
What’s the price of a 1974 quarter? Keep reading, you might have something valuable in your hands.

History of the 1974 Washington Quarter

Sculptor John Flanagan designed the coin in 1932 as part of the bicentennial celebration of George Washington’s birth.

Flanagan designed both sides of the 1974 quarter. He adapted the obverse portrait side of Washington’s head from a bust by French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon.

His original design ran through 1998 and was replaced by the State Quarter series.

Now that the “America the Beautiful” National Park quarter series completed in 2021, Flanagan’s quarter design has returned.

1974 Quarter value
1974 Quarter

Mint marks can be found to the right of George Washington’s neck, on the obverse of the coin to the lower right.

On the reverse is the inscription LIBERTY, and the United States of America, with the spread wings of an eagle, olive branches, and the motto E Pluribus Unum.

One notable slight design change for the 1974 quarter was at the reverse, where the details of the bald eagle were slightly sharpened from previous years’ mintage.

1974 Quarter Reverse
Reverse of the 1974 Quarter – prices for this quarter are in the thousands of dollars.

How Much is a 1974 Quarter Worth?

The coin value of most 1974 year quarters is 25 cents.

In average circulated condition, it’s safe to assume the 1974 quarter will only be worth face value.

In MS-60 condition, typical U.S. coins may be valued at 0.75 cents.

Because of the high mintages of the 1974 quarter, the most valuable will need to be certified with a high grade.

Anything over an MS67 condition currency coin will be highly valuable and scarce.

1974 quarter value
Several factors drive the value of a quarter – for the 1974 quarter, it’s mint mark, rarity, and condition.

Is a 1974 Quarter Silver?

No, the 1974 quarter coin does not contain silver. It has zero silver content.

The clad U.S. quarters comprise a nickel layer over a copper core with a reeded edge.

Value of the 1974 Quarter

Most circulated 1974 quarters found in pocket change are worth $0.40 to $0.90.

But if you can find a 1974-D quarter in uncirculated condition, numismatic values jump to over $300.

1974 quarter
What’s the weight of the 1974 quarter? 5.7 grams.

1974 Quarter With No Mint Mark (Philadelphia)

Over 800 million quarters were struck at the Philadelphia Mint, so coins are generally at face value.

However, one of this year’s rarest and most valuable quarters was struck at the Philly mint, and in extremely fine condition, its value is over $2,000. Now that’s a great collectible quarter.

There’s no mint mark for the 1974-P Washington quarter, and if you find one that a roll hoarder stored, you could have a coin worth a few thousand dollars.

valuable Washington quarters
Know the facts behind your quarter collection!

What is the Most Valuable 1974 Quarter?

One of the most valuable 1974 quarters is pictured below. It’s a pristine example graded in MS67+ condition and noted as None Finer at PCGS.

One of Two MS76+

This coin is just one of two examples to exist in the world.

PCGS notes during the 1950s and 1960s; roll hoarding was popular in the coin-collecting community. While collectors stored coins in rolls, the condition was preserved well.

Record Sale for the Quarter

Roll hoarding ended in the 1970s, making coins from this period relatively more challenging to find in flawless condition.

The coin sold at Legend Rare Coin Auctions in 2020 for $2,150.

1974 quarter heads
One of only two examples. Minted for circulation, the Philadelphia quarter Graded at MS67+ None Finer $2,150
1974 quarter tails
One of only two examples. Graded at MS67+ None Finer $2,150

How Much Does the 1974 Quarter Weigh?

The 1974 quarter weighs 5.67 grams with its layered nickel and copper core. The diameter of the reeded edges is 24.3mm.

How Many 1974 Quarters Were Made?

There were 353 million 1974 quarters minted at the Denver Mint.

Another 801 million Washington quarter coins were minted at the Philadelphia Mint and 2.6 million at the San Francisco Mint.

1974 quarter without mark of mint
Upclose view of the 1974 date Washington Quarter

1974 D Quarter

While 353 million quarters were struck at the Denver Mint, a few varieties are worth several hundred dollars.

Beautiful quarters graded in Mint state MS67+ condition are valued at $260, with the record on eBay landing $1,450.

MS66-graded coins will be valued in the $15 – $45 range. MS-65 condition coins will only be worth a few dollars.

1974-d mint
The “D” Mint Mark is on the right side of Washington’s neck.

1974 S Proof Quarter

The 1974 proof quarter was minted at the U.S. San Francisco mint. More than 2.6 million coins were struck.

Of the known sales in recent years, a PR69 coin traded hands for $100. PR67 has a quarter value of $8 to $10.

1974-s mint mark
The “S” Mint Mark on the right side of Washington’s neck.

1974 Quarter Errors

Die Crack Error Coins

Die cracks on the reverse of the quarter are the most common. Die crack errors are caused when the coin strikes with a worn-out, cracked die.

These quarter-dollar errors can sell for $5 to $10 on eBay.

Larger die cracks can be more valuable, especially with the special error nicknames becoming popular.

Clipped Planchet Errors

When the metal sheet strikes the blank at an odd angle, it clips the planchet.

Common among the Philadelphia minted quarters, the bigger the clip, the more valuable the error coin.

Broadstuck Error

When the coin is struck and no collar results, you have a broadstuck error.

Most commonly found on pennies, the broadstuck error can appear on quarters as well.

Spitting Eagle Error

Spitting Horse” and “Scarface” are a few Morgan Dollars that became valuable error coins because of their nicknames.

The “Spitting Eagle” has also gained recognition for the Washington Quarter error.

Near the mouth of the eagle on the reverse of the coin, a die crack produces a raised line and it appears the eagle is “spitting.”

1974 quarter values
The quarter’s value is only as good as it’s condition. This quarter dollar is worth about twenty-five cents.

Most Valuable 1974 Quarter Error Coins

Doubled Die Reverse quarters and reverse die cracks are valued between $2 – $50, depending on the type of crack and the location.

Much like silver dollars and half dollars, mint error coins are typically the most valuable.

How valuable are 1974 error coins? The 1974-D quarter struck on a cent planchet sold for over $2,000 at a Heritage auction.

If you’d like to have your error coin valued, take good pictures and attach them to the grading submission to evaluate your error coins properly.

Modern Quarters

The first President of the United States has been featured on the quarter since 1932, which marked the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Modern quarters include the Silver Proof set quarters, minted from 1992 to 1998.

Other modern quarters are the U.S. States and Territories quarters, America the Beautiful series, and American Women quarters.

1974 quarter dollar coin
The quarter 1974, worth about twenty-five cents shown here.

Selling 1974 Quarters Online

Coins minted with troy ounces of silver are valuable and worth a lot of money for their meld value.

All quarters produced before 1964 are 10% copper and 90% pure silver, which equals .181 troy ounces.

Selling coins online through eBay is the most common, although dozens of top-rated online coin dealers and specialists will purchase coins through their websites.

Whether it’s Peace Dollars, Roosevelt Dimes, Jefferson Nickels, Kennedy Half Dollars, or Bicentennial Quarters and other currency, there’s a market for your rare coins; it just takes a little research.

But most of all, you want to know what you own and its value before you sell.

1974 quarter dollar value
The Washington Quarter in mint state condition

A Deeper Look Behind the 1974 Quarter

We Already Know –

  • A total of 1.15 billion quarters were minted in 1974.
  • John Flanagan designed both sides of the coin back in 1932 to commemorate the birthday of George Washington.
  • The reeded edge coin weighs 5.7 grams and contains 75% copper and 25% nickel.
  • So far, the most valuable 1974 quarter is worth only a few thousand dollars.

But, There’s More to the 1974 Quarter

  • With over 800 million coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint, (no mint mark) 1974 quarters graded by NGC in MS67 condition sell for $100 to $250.
  • 353 million Washington Quarters were struck at the Denver Mint in 1974. MS67-graded coins sell for $100 to $200.
  • 2.6 million proof strikes were minted in San Francisco. Of those coins graded in MS69 condition, a few have sold for $12 to $15.
  • Even though there are much fewer San Francisco Proof Strike quarters minted, the coins are struck twice and then sold to collectors where their condition is preserved over time. Circulated coins are much rarer in good condition, even with hundreds of millions more coins minted.

Continue on Your Rare Coin Journey –

A Very Brief History of the 1974 Quarter
rare 1974 quarter
The Washington Quarter makes a great coin to begin your collection.
valuable 1974 quarter worth 35000
1974 Washington Quarter Reverse
1974 quarter error in god we trust
The reeded edge of the Washington Quarter
1974 quarter
What’s the value of this quarter? About $1.00
how much is a 1974 quarter worth
One of the most produced coins in the world. A work-horse of modern U.S. coinage.
1974 quarter error in god we trust
What quarters are worth money? This quarter is worth twenty-five cents, and that’s better than nothing!
1974 quarter value

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