10 Most Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards – Catch ‘Em All!

Collectors have been racing to get up to date on first edition Pokemon cards. Pokemon was a cultural phenomenon in the late 90s, and anybody growing up in that era was most likely a huge Pokemon fan.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll remember popular characters like Pikachu, Charizard, Machamp, Squirtle, and Ash, the trainer. 

Most Expensive First Edition Pokemon Cards

As they used to say, you gotta catch ’em all! Although Pokemon collectors only exist in the storyline, there are some very real Pokemon card collectors, and business is booming!

1st edition rare Pokemon cards, especially in mint condition, and Pokemon first edition complete sets can fetch insane values. We’re about to see how much exactly.

What started as a Japanese video game in the mid-1990s has evolved into a multi-million dollar trading card industry. 

Who Made the First Pokemon Trading Cards?

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was first published in Japan in October of 1996 by Media Factory.

Originally in the United States, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, otherwise known as PTCG, was produced by Wizards of the Coast.

In the late 1990s, several other entertainment games were developed by Game Freak and published for the Game Boy by Nintendo, including Pokemon Red and Blue.

Pokemon Trading Card Game League Commercial from 1999.

The Pokemon Company has published the game since June of 2003 and has sold more than 34 billion cards to adults, kids, collectors, gamers, and children all around the world.

Now, let’s find out how to identify Pokemon first edition cards –

Identifying and Categorizing First Edition Pokemon Cards

Before we get into our top ten most valuable 1st edition Pokemon card list, it’s essential to understand how the trading cards are categorized and what you need to look out for.

It gets complicated because of the different editions and versions, but we’ll break it down as easily as possible.

1st Edition, Limited Edition, and Base Set Pokemon Cards

The 1st edition Pokemon cards were the first print released in the United States.

The first batch was a limited release, hence the different title of ‘limited edition.’ They are also known as the Pokemon base set. There was only a certain amount released, and they are a pretty scarce collectible.

You can recognize them with the “Edition 1” logo. They also have a 1st edition stamp below the Pokemon character.

first edition pokemon complete set
The First Edition Pokemon Complete Set of 103 cards has sold at auction for nearly $700,000

How to Tell if Pokemon Cards are First Edition

There were three categories of 1st edition cards: Pokemon Cards, Energy Cards, and Trainer Cards. On the Pokemon cards, the first edition symbol is on the lower left, and with the Energy Cards, it’s on the upper right. Lastly, on the Trainer Cards it’s on the lower left.

However, there were two printing cycles for the limited edition, and the second printing did not include the “Edition 1” logo.

These 1st edition limited cards are known as shadowless printings because there are no drop shadows underneath the art box on the right side of the card.

pokemon first edition logo
The Pokemon 1st Edition Logo.

To differentiate between these two 1st edition print runs, the second printing is usually referred to as “shadowless cards,” so collectors know that even though the “Edition 1” logo isn’t present, they are still 1st edition base cards.

But without the first edition stamp, the card is considered an unlimited edition and therefore not 1st edition status.

We warned you it might get complicated. Hang in there; here’s more fun on the first edition cards –

Base Set – Unlimited Edition

There was a massive demand for the cards, and soon after the release dates of the limited 1st edition runs, an unlimited edition was released.

There are no “Edition 1” logos on this type of card. There were six printings of unlimited cards, making them fairly common. 

The first five print runs have a copyright line: “© 1995, 96, 98 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK. ©1999 Wizards.” These five runs are identical, with no way to differentiate between them.

The unlimited edition’s 6th print run, and the final print run was only released in the UK and are discernible from the others via this line: “©1995, 96, 98 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK. ©1999-2000 Wizards.” These playing cards are rarer due to their limited distribution (the UK only). 

Unlimited Edition Pokemon

The Unlimited Edition also made several design changes. They are lighter and brighter in tone than the previous Limited Editions.

The drop shadow was also added behind the art box to add depth to the card. In addition, particular text, such as the Pokémon’s HP value, was set in a bold typeface.

most valuable pokemon cards
Most Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards

Now that we’ve got the highly complicated edition explanation, it’s time to look at the top ten most valuable Pokemon first edition ultra-rare cards.

Top Ten Most Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards

Rarity plays the most significant role in the value, and cards need to be in mint condition for maximum returns.

Another interesting fact is that, all in all, Charizard cards are more valuable than any other Pokemon cards. He is slightly rarer and more popular, resulting in high demand and value. 

#1 – 1999 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Charizard

A first edition PSA 10 shadowless base set Charizard recently sold for a whopping $350,100 at Goldin Auctions, making it the most valuable Pokemon card ever. The holy grail of Pokemon cards.

As mentioned, the 1st Edition Charizard card is the king of the Pokemon. The dynamic artwork, massive public demand, and the fact there are only 121 in existence make this a true classic with a price tag to match! 

A few big names have been buying this Charizard lately, including the rapper Logic and YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul.

1999 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Charizard first edition pokemon
1999 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Charizard

#2 – 2000 1st Edition Lugia from Neo Genesis

Generation 2 was released in 2000, and while Charizard was the grail for the base set, Lugia was the new generation’s favorite.

The star of Pokemon The Movie 2000, and the centerpiece for Gameboy’s Pokemon Silver game, Lugia, was massive. How massive? A BGS 10 version sold for $144,300 recently! 

There are only 43 PSA 10s in existence and, most importantly, only 3 BGS 10s, making this a case of popularity and rarity – The ultimate combination for optimal card value worth a lot of money. 

2000 1st Edition Lugia from Neo Genesis first edition
2000 1st Edition Lugia from Neo Genesis

#3 – 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Blastoise

There are only 100 PSA versions of this card, and that, coupled with the massive popularity of the character from the original series, is enough to Blast him into the top 3! 

It’s one of the most rare Pokémon cards out there.

A recent sale at Heritage Auctions saw this 1st edition PSA 10 rare Blastoise card sell for a staggering $45,100. Interestingly, this price is close to the value of a PSA 9 1st Edition Base Set Charizard. 

1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Blastoise
1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Blastoise

#4 – 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Chansey

The dinosaur toad Chansey, the number 4 most valuable Pokemon, is a holographic version, meaning the imperfections are extremely easy to spot.

It also means that PSA 10s of this card are rare, with only 48 in existence. A recent sale of $36,877 confirms that 1st Edition Chansey’s are a true force of nature!

1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Chansey first edition pokemon cards
1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Chansey

#5 – 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Venusaur

This card is relatively rare, with only 138 PSA 10s in circulation. This might be more common than our previous four, but people love the Venusaur artwork, giving it a little extra value on the open market.

With a recent auction sale, the Shadowless base set Venusaur is valued at $25,000.

1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Venusaur
1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Venusaur

#6 – 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Hitmonchan

Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are iconic Pokemon and a favorite among many fans as the greatest Pokemon of all time!

Like Chansey, the card’s holofoil area is extensive, making imperfections extremely easy to spot. In addition, Professional Sports Authenticator – PSA 10 versions of this card number are limited, with only 56 available, making it rare.

In terms of value, a sale last year for $23,100 confirms its big-time status and gets the Bruce Lee-inspired kung fu Pokemon a spot in the top 10 most valuable.

1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Hitmonchan first edition pokemon cards
1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Hitmonchan

#7 – 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Mewtwo

Mewtwo is possibly one of the most iconic bad guys of all time and one of the most powerful 1st edition Pokémon cards ever created.

81 PSA 10 GEM Mint grade cards exist, and that rarity, coupled with the character’s iconic status, makes this a top ten pokemon card.

A recent sale for $22,655 confirms Mewtwo’s legendary status in the Pokemon community. 

1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Mewtwo
1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Mewtwo

#8 – 2002 1st Edition Shining Charizard from Neo Destiny

The Neo Era Pokemon cards from 2002 are legendary, and this Neo Destiny Charizard is the perfect example.

This range featured holofoil on the characters instead of the background, and there was nothing like it when it came out. 

As for all the eras, the Charizard version is the most valuable, both to do with rarity and the fact that the holofoil makes it easier to spot imperfections.

At $20,500, the price tag at a recent auction puts this 1st edition print run card at number 8 on the list.

2002 1st Edition Shining Charizard from Neo Destiny
2002 1st Edition Shining Charizard from Neo Destiny

#9 – 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Raichu

Narrowly making the top ten, an evolutionary version of the main character, Pikachu, called Raichu, is one of the most endearing Pokemon characters. 

There are only 87 PSA 10 versions in perfect condition, and when you add this to the nostalgia value of Pikachus evolution, you get a top ten card that sold for just over $17,000 at a recent auction.  

1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Raichu
1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Raichu

#10 – 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Magneton

Magneton was another fan favorite, and this first edition set version is rare, with only 64 PSA 10s in existence. 

The artwork is brilliant, and this, combined with its relative rarity, is placed in the hallowed halls of the top ten most valuable cards from the Pokemon TCG.

In addition, a recent sale for the princely sum of $17,067 makes this a treasured collector’s item and one of the most valuable first edition Pokemon cards.

1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Magneton
1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Magneton

Other Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards

Get to know some other great Pokemon creature cards so you’ll be ready for battle!

Gyarados-Holo 1st Edition PSA 10 – $10,100

Gyarados-Holo 1st Edition

Alakazam-Holo 1st Edition PSA 10 – $9,600

Alakazam-Holo 1st Edition

Bulbasaur 1st Edition PSA 10 – $2,200

Bulbasaur 1st Edition

You don’t need to own the rarest cards to enjoy Pokemon. Dozens of valuable individual cards are also extremely popular with Pokémon collectors.

The Red Cheeks Pokemon 1st edition base set card is valued at $150. At the same time, another popular card among Pokémon fans, the Yellow Cheeks card is valued at the highest price, around $100.

How Much is a Pokemon Complete Set Worth?

Original run, unlimited edition set boxes are worth more than $15,000, gaining over 500% in just the last few years.

What is the Rarest English Pokemon Card? 

The Pikachu Illustrator card is one of the rarest Pokemon cards; only 39 exist. They were issued in 1998 as part of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest. Values range from $50,000 to $200,000 for each card.

Another extremely rare Pokemon card is the pre-release Raichu card, if it exists. Technically, it’s an error card with a “Prerelease” printed on the bottom right corner of the card.

If the rumors are true, there are 10 to 15 pre-release Raichu cards in circulation. Although none have been certified and graded – yet. If you find one of these legendary cards, please let us know!

Does Base Set 2 Have a First Edition? 

Base set 2 was never printed in First Edition and did not include the Edition 1 logo on the cards.

The 130 card Base set 2 cards were released in February of 2000. Although they are over twenty years old, they are not as rare as 2nd Edition Pokemon cards, and therefore they are less valuable.

Is it Better to Buy Booster Packs or Booster Boxes? 

If you want to increase your chances of landing a valuable rare Pokemon card from a pack, buy the booster boxes for better distribution of cards.

You get 30 uncommon cards, 10 rare cards, and 60 common cards with 10 booster packs. But with a booster box of 36 packs, you increase your chances of a valuable rare Pokemon.

Not only will you get a better price per pack when you buy an entire box, but it’s more likely you will get a better variety of cards.

The Pokemon Phenomenon

Pokemon is a cultural phenomenon that attracts attention for many reasons, much like the sports card craze.

Vintage cards deliver nostalgia, great artwork, rarity, and original characters and content. 

We trust that you enjoyed our ultimate guide to first edition Pokémon cards, now get out there and try to catch ’em all!

Pokemon Card Rarity

There are so many more rare Pokemon categories for collectors. Don’t have the six-figure budget for one of the top-ten most valuable first edition Pokemon cards? Spend a few minutes and learn about other rare categories of great Pokemon hobby cards.

  1. Common, Uncommon, and Rare
  2. Holographic Cards
  3. Reverse Holo
  4. EX / GX / V Half Art / Half Body
  5. Full Art / Full Body
  6. 25th Anniversary Reprint Cards
  7. Secret Rare
  8. Rainbow Rare
  9. Promo
  10. Tag Team
  11. VMAX

2021 Pokemon Cards

You don’t need first edition Pokemon cards worth thousands to enjoy collecting. Here’s a few of the latest and greatest cards that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Remember, when collecting cards it’s all about having fun first, and not trying to always strike a fortune.

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