What Everybody Wants

value and appreciation

What does everybody want?

Everybody wants value. Everyone wants to be appreciated.



Understanding these two concepts will get you a long way in this world.

Are you struggling with your relationships?

Are you trying to connect with someone, but not making any progress?

Learn the skills of a great collector. The great collectors are constantly studying value and appreciation.


But what is value? You hear the word constantly, all day long.

Create value. Produce value. Value proposition. Value meal…

Warren Buffett has a famous quote that summarizes what value means to him.

the great collectors

He’s differentiating between what something costs, and what you end up receiving for it.

Everyone knows the feeling of paying too much for something – it’s unmistakable. Something that falls apart one week after you bought it. You know the price was too high compared to what you ended up with. You didn’t get much value there.

At the same time, you’ll never forget that high-quality item you bought that has lasted decades. Still looking as good as ever, just like the day you bought it. Now that was a great deal. That’s VALUE.

You want value! I want value. Everyone wants value in return for what they give.

In many ways, collecting is the study of value. That’s one of my favorite things about it.

The more you learn about value, the better you will be at providing value!

Learning about the greatest collectibles on earth will give you a great lesson in value. And what other people value. Now you are ready to take those lessons and apply them to other areas of your life.

Valuing the greatest collectibles in the world is a fascinating study that will take you through world history.

You could call it, “The History of Value.”

Now there’s a great idea for a book I’d like to read.


What else does everybody want?

I can guarantee – everyone wants to be appreciated.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m tired of being appreciated too much?”

It’s never happened. Nobody has ever said those words before.

Do you want to get on someone’s good-side in less than 30 seconds?

Make them feel appreciated.

It’s the quickest and easiest way make someone’s day.

It’s the simplest way to build a relationship.

value and appreciation

Before you can make someone feel appreciated, you need to first appreciate the things around you.

This is what collectors do. They learn to value and appreciate, over and over again.

And the best collectors get so excited about what they discover, they can’t help but share it with others.

Appreciate the world around us. Appreciate the people around us.

Share what fascinates you. Make others feel appreciated.

Value & Appreciation

Collecting teaches you value, and how to appreciate the world around us.

These two concepts are interlinked.

A collector is someone who studies value, and practices appreciation.

Share these two concepts with others, and your life will greatly improve.

Don’t believe me? Try it.

Still struggling with how to apply value & appreciation to collecting?

It’s an ongoing practice. And you need to share what you learn.

Think of it this way.

It’s the VASDR Method.

1. Value

2. Appreciate

3. Share

4. Dig Deeper

5. Repeat

Don’t forget Step #3. You need to share it. Just the act of sharing something could brighten that person’s day.

They might forget exactly what you said, but they won’t forget you made them feel important.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. Gain knowledge about something interesting. Why is it valued? Share what you learn. And make someone feel appreciated.

The greatest collectors have a special gift for valuing, appreciating, sharing, and brightening someone’s day.

My ask of you – Share this with someone who might be struggling to connect with others. Maybe a trip to a local musuem will ignite a curiosity for the concepts of value and appreciation.

Let me know what happens!

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