The Bat Quarter and America the Beautiful 2020 Quarter Value

Coin collectors are noticing the bat quarter and America the Beautiful 2020 quarter value. In just a few years, the five unique designs celebrating the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary have been growing in popularity. Each coin has a design on the reverse (tails side) based on one of five national parks or sites. The obverse (heads) side of each

9 Rare and Uncommon Dollar Bills

For serious collectors, there are a few rare and uncommon dollar bills you need to be on the lookout for. Most of you have seen a 2 dollar bill in the wild, but have you spotted a 1000 dollar bill or even a 100,000 dollar bill? Did you even know these bills existed? Let’s look at nine rare and uncommon

1889 Silver Dollar Value, The Story Behind the Morgan

Whether you’re new to coin collecting or a lifelong coin enthusiast, the 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar value must be recognized and is a must-have for any coin enthusiast. Its significance in U.S. coinage history cannot be understated. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the true value of an 1889 Morgan silver dollar. So let’s clear a

How Many Quarters In a Roll?

Coin collectors just starting out wonder how many quarters in a roll? If you want to become a legendary coin collector, you need to familiarize yourself with coin rolls, why they are important, the face value of each coin roll, and how to manage them. Number of Quarters in a Roll How many quarters in a roll? There are 40

How to Test Silver, Quick and Easy Tips

How to test silver is an old problem, and many of the solutions still in use are as old as the soft shiny metal itself. Learn how to distinguish between real and fake silver like a pro with these quick and easy tricks. How to Test Silver In 1950, an ounce of silver cost about $9, whereas today, a single