The Ultimate Rare Coin Collector Guide for 2024

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Grab a tall coffee and get settled in a comfortable chair, we’re going deep into the weeds on rare coins. If you’re a collector, I’m about to run down everything you need to know to get into collecting rare coins. And if you’re an experienced coin collector with decades under your belt, hopefully I can give you a few gold

1990 Quarter Value and Worth (Guide to the Perfect Collector Coin)

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Let me guess, you’re holding a coin in your hand and wondering about the 1990 quarter value? One of the most common questions I get asked is, “how much is my quarter worth?” Most 1990 quarters found in circulation are worth 25 cents. But I always answer the question the same way, as you can imagine. “It depends.” The good

A Closer Look at Rare Coin Values and Price Indexes

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It’s challenging to figure out the rare coin market. Have rare coin values been rising or falling? Is the overall demand for rare coins healthy, or is the industry in a slump? Even the wisest coin numismatics and coin dealers have difficulty summarizing the current state of the market. Rare Coin Values for Collectors The size of the collectible coin

1976 2 Dollar Bill Value and History – The Ultimate Guide

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To understand the 1976 2 Dollar Bill value, we must go back to the beginning. Back to 1862, just a year after the U.S. Treasury began printing paper currency. Through several twists and turns in U.S. monetary policy and financial history, the 1976 2 dollar bill value was reintroduced from a U.S. Treasury Department note to a Federal Reserve Note.

The 1957 Silver Certificate: A Piece of American History

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The 1957 silver certificate is a sometimes forgotten but essential piece of U.S. currency history. Produced between 1878 and 1964, silver certificates were a form of U.S. currency that could be redeemed for silver coins at any time. The 1957 Silver Certificate The certificates represented an easy way to effectively hold silver without carrying the metal itself. But in the