1965 Quarter Values for Collectors, A Turning Point for Coins

1965 quarter values

The 1965 quarter is one of the most remarkable quarters in U.S. history. It featured a new “clad composition,” in which two different colored metals were bonded together. The U.S. Mint covered the pure copper core with a blend of copper and nickel, with no mint mark, regardless of where the coin was struck. If you’re a new coin collector

The 1966 Roosevelt Dime, Uncovering the History and Value

1966 roosevelt dime

Find a 1966 dime? Pick it up, and look closely. The fascinating thing about coin collecting is a simple detail can make an ordinary coin worth far more than its face value. There’s no better example of this in American coinage than the 1966 Roosevelt dime. Two major factors make the 1966 dime unique. Because of these two details, 1966

Most Valuable Wheat Pennies – And Key Dates to Know

most valuable wheat pennies

One of the most common questions in coin collecting is, what are the top 10 most valuable wheat pennies? Many people have unique treasures and don’t even know it. Antiques handed down from relatives. Paintings hanging on the walls. A stack of old books in the basement. The most valuable wheat pennies have traveled great distances before finally being discovered.

Vintage Old Marbles Worth Money, and the Top 10 Most Valuable

marbles worth money

There are marbles, and then there are vintage and old marbles worth money. Sometimes, worth tens of thousands of dollars. As with any collecting hobby, it’s essential to spot the difference between common, modern, or mass-produced marbles and what are truly the rarest antique marbles fit for a collection.  Looking for Old Marbles Worth Money? Avid collectors are looking for

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