Top 10 Mike Piazza Rookie Cards

Mike Piazza rookie cards bring back memories of the 1990s like few other sports cards. Starting as a high draft pick, fighting his way into the big leagues, and eventually taking center stage in the 2000 World Series, a Mike Piazza baseball card is a trip down modern baseball history. Mike Piazza is one of the greatest hitting catchers in

The 1974 Quarter, a Historic and Classic Coin

The 1974 quarter is one of the most recognizable and widely distributed coins in the world. Since 1932, the Washington quarter has been minted by several U.S. Mints with a copper-nickel cladding. Although it’s a high mintage coin, you can still find plenty of valuable 1974 quarters, depending on condition, mint marks, and errors. History of the 1974 Washington Quarter

1922 Silver Dollar Value, The Peace Coin

The 1922 Silver dollar value and history is important to understand for any rare coin hunter. They’re also an essential part of any commemorative coin set. Many coin enthusiasts will collect a silver dollar from every year, and the 1922 may be one of the most important. The great news is that most of these aesthetically beautiful and significant coins

9 Most Amazing and Rare German Stamps

Rare German stamps have a long and incredible history. There are several different time periods in Germany’s history that produced a few of the most valuable rare stamps in the world. Today, Germany is home to the ten largest stamp auction houses producing over $300 million in revenue a year. A few of the most expensive stamps are valuable because

The Bat Quarter and America the Beautiful 2020 Quarter Value

Coin collectors are noticing the bat quarter and America the Beautiful 2020 quarter value. In just a few years, the five unique designs celebrating the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary have been growing in popularity. Each coin has a design on the reverse (tails side) based on one of five national parks or sites. The obverse (heads) side of each