19 of the Most Expensive Shoes Ever (Emeralds and Air Jordans)

most expensive shoes

The list of most expensive shoes in the world is changing rapidly. Designers and jewelers are busy collaborating, creating multi-million dollar pieces of art for your feet. Sales of vintage game-worn sneakers from sports history’s greatest moments have been soaring. We’ve come a long way in the art and science of footwear. Style, quality, and exclusive design go into the

The Bat Quarter and America the Beautiful 2020 Quarter Value

2020 bat quarter

Coin collectors are noticing the Bat quarter and America the Beautiful 2020 quarter value. In just a few years, the five unique designs minted in 2020 celebrating the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary have grown in popularity. Each coin has a design on the reverse (tails side) based on one of five national parks or sites. The obverse (heads) side

1972 One Dollar Coin Value: Your Guide to The Eisenhower Dollar

1972 one dollar coin

Are you curious about the 1972 one dollar coin value? You are not alone. More than 170 million Eisenhower dollars were minted in 1972 to honor the life of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This number might make it sound like these U.S. coins are plentiful, but they are still considered collector’s items among enthusiasts. In 1972 alone, a few different

The 1974 Quarter – History, Errors, and Value of a Classic Coin

1974 quarter value

1974 quarter value is often questioned. With hundreds of millions of 1974 quarters minted, rare coin collectors want to know if any are worth money. It’s one of the most recognizable and widely distributed coins. Since 1932, several U.S. Mints have minted the Washington Quarter with a copper-nickel cladding. Although it’s a high-mintage coin, you can still find plenty of

How Many Quarters In a Roll? Tips for Coin Roll Hunters

how many quarters in a roll

If you’ve ever wondered how many quarters are in a roll, you’ve come to the right place. To become a legendary coin collector, you need to familiarize yourself with coin rolls, why they are important, the face value of each coin roll, and how to manage them. Number of Quarters in a Roll How many quarters in a roll? There

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