5 Great Ways to Sell Your Wine Collection

Ready to sell your wine collection? Every collector will experience that point in time where you ask yourself, “is it time to sell?” Whatever type of collection you own, sometimes it’s time to get out, or at least reduce your holdings. Wine collectors are no different. One thing to keep in mind is the number of resources out there to

9 Most Amazing and Rare German Stamps

Rare German stamps have a long and incredible history. There are several different time periods in Germany’s history that produced a few of the most valuable rare stamps in the world. Today, Germany is home to the ten largest stamp auction houses producing over $300 million in revenue a year. A few of the most expensive stamps are valuable because

Louisville Slugger Wood Bats Are Irresistible

What’s the attraction of Louisville Slugger Wood Bats? How did a woodworking shop in Louisville, Kentucky become one of the most iconic names in America’s pastime over the last 135 years? Some of the most expensive sports memorabilia to ever sell at auctions are game-used Louisville Slugger wood bats. If you do a Google Image search right now for any

Yoda Collectibles and Valuations From the Grandmaster Jedi

The world of Yoda collectibles is vast and immense, but as the Master Jedi once said, “size matters not.” Master Yoda collectibles have never been in greater demand, and Star Wars fans of all shapes and sizes are scouring the globe searching for the next great item for their collection. Master Yoda Since Master Yoda first appeared in ‘The Empire