Vintage Tonka Trucks Values (Turning Back the Clock)

vintage tonka trucks

Vintage Tonka trucks turn back the clock. No product line represents the golden age of childhood toys better than Tonka. For a quarter-century, before the toy industry became addicted to plastic, Tonka turned out beautifully designed industrial trucks. They survived the harsh conditions of toy chests throughout the United States and across the world. Moving dirt in style back in

Bridgewater Associates Average Return and the Man Behind the Money

ray dalio bridgewater

Bridgewater Associates average return over the last 28 years has been 11.5% per year. This number is important because it’s nearly double the average yearly return of the S&P 500, which is about 7%. When you beat the market by five or six percent every year for almost three decades, you will get some attention. Bridgewater’s performance over the last

Return of the Jedi Poster Collecting (May the Collecting Force Be With You)

return of the jedi poster collection

In 1983, a massive marketing campaign was launched for the third episode of the Star Wars trilogy. The Return of the Jedi poster was distributed around the world as anticipation for the movie grew. Some of the most recognizable movie posters ever created helped launch the Star Wars trilogy to box office records. Revenge of the Jedi George Lucas, the

Inside Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund – Archimedes’ Yacht

medallion fund

With a net worth of over $20 billion, Jim Simons is known as one of the smartest investors ever to take on Wall Street. By creating the Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund, he’s unleashed one of the greatest profit machines in the history of money management. There’s more to Simons beyond his net worth and astounding hedge fund track record. Billionaire

19 of the Most Expensive Shoes Ever (Emeralds and Air Jordans)

most expensive shoes

The list of most expensive shoes in the world is changing rapidly. Designers and jewelers are busy collaborating, creating multi-million dollar pieces of art for your feet. Sales of vintage game-worn sneakers from sports history’s greatest moments have been soaring. We’ve come a long way in the art and science of footwear. Style, quality, and exclusive design go into the

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