The Rich History of Vacheron Constantin

There’s a company that has a rich history producing some of the most elegant watches in the world. The Vacheron Constantin watch company has been making watches since 1755, crowning it as the oldest continuous watch manufactures in the world.

There’s an enormous focus on flawlessness and attention to detail that goes into making a Vacheron Constantin. This high level of execution makes it one of the most luxurious and expensive watches you can find anywhere in the world. The watch brand was also determined to be luxurious but not pompous. The goal was to be out of the ordinary for whoever the owner of the watch may be. The company has been focused on delivering an extraordinary product but never arrogant.

Vacheron Constantin focuses on combining three elements to their watches. A design that does not come and go with fashion, master technology, and hand finishing. With these three concepts, the watchmaker has guided itself through hundreds of years of rich history since the days of its founding.

Jean-Marc Vacheron

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1731, Jean-Marc Vacheron opened his first watch shop when he was 24 years old in 1755. Not only was Jean-Marc a watchmaker, but he was also known as a historian and mathematician. Over the years, he became friends with the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the writer Voltaire.

Francois Constantin

In 1819 Francois Constantin added his name to the watchmaking brand. He was considered an adventurer and traveled outside Switzerland, bringing the Vacheron Constantin name to new markets. Perhaps he was best known as bearing the company slogan still used today, “Do it better if possible, and it’s always possible.”

Together with Vacheron and Constantin the brand was propelled forward to a new level of global luxury.


The company has survived and thrived hundreds of years, and many would say it’s quietly been a steady performer. Not only that, but ethics play a big part in the Vacheron company culture and have done so for centuries. They’ve always respected the other notable watchmakers from neighboring Swiss towns. Longtime CEO Claude-Daniel Proellochs once remarked, “I think we don’t have to beat the competition. We have to beat ourselves, which is much more difficult and requires much more discipline.”

In 1955 Vacheron & Constantin celebrated their two hundredth anniversary of doing business and producing watches. In honor of the anniversary, the company introduced one of the thinnest watches ever created with a caliber movement. The piece was just 1.6 mm thick.

For the company’s 250th anniversary in 2005, they produced two unbelievable timepieces. The Tour de L’Ile was the most complicated double-faced wristwatches ever made. With 834 parts, 16 complications, and astronomical dials, it took over 10,000 hours of research and development to create. The estimated sales for each of the seven they would eventually produce would be around $1 million.


Vacheron produces only about 20,000 pieces per year. That’s a relatively low production number in the watchmaking world. Some of the famous owners of Vacheron watches were the Duke of Windsor, Pope Pius XI, Harry Truman, and Napolean Bonaparte. Vacheron Constantin will be a brand remembered for its commitment to precision, design, technology, and craftsmanship for many years to come. Each piece creates lasting value for its owners. The brand is a symbol of excellence, resilience, and dedication for longer than anyone else around.

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