The Difference Between Street Art vs Graffiti Art

What makes great art? There’s a fine line between street art vs graffiti art, and many famous artists have danced on both sides of the blurry line. Expression, emotion, creativeness, activism, and rebelliousness make up this amazing contrast between art, street, and urban culture. The major difference between street art vs graffiti is that street art is usually done with

Nolan Ryan Baseball Card Value Using eBay

If you’re wondering what your Nolan Ryan baseball card value has been doing over the last few years, a good place to start is the eBay “sold” page. There are few better places to find valuable and up-to-date information to help you value your collection. Searching for Nolan Ryan baseball card value can be especially informative and interesting because his

Louisville Slugger Wood Bats Are Irresistible

What’s the attraction of Louisville Slugger Wood Bats? How did a woodworking shop in Louisville, Kentucky become one of the most iconic names in America’s pastime over the last 135 years? Some of the most expensive sports memorabilia to ever sell at auctions are game-used Louisville Slugger wood bats. If you do a Google Image search right now for any

Beyond the Walter Payton Rookie Card

The 1976 Walter Payton rookie card might be one of the most important football cards in existence. Few other football cards capture so much legacy, historical significance, and value as a collectible, such as the Walter Payton rookie card. But beyond the incredible stats, records, pro football Hall of Fame career, and monetary value encompassing a single football card, there’s

Vintage Elgin Pocket Watch Values

Searching for an antique vintage pocket watch built with incredible precision, accurate time, offering amazing value, and representing one of the most iconic American watch brands of all time. The Elgin pocket watch is where to begin. The Iconic Elgin Brand Name Very few people know that a Hall of Fame basketball player and an entire town was named after