5 of the Most Expensive Shoes Ever

The list of the most expensive shoes ever is changing rapidly. New amazing collaborations by designers and jewelers creating multi-million dollar pieces of art and vintage game-worn pieces of sports history have shoe prices soaring. We’ve come a long way in the art and science of footwear.

The earliest shoes date back to sometime between 7000 and 8000 BC. A pair of sagebrush bark sandals were uncovered in 1938 in the Fort Rock Cave in Oregon. The sandals were in amazingly fine condition, given the fact that they were so old. Although they lacked heel cushion and torsional rigidity, I’m guessing.

first shoe ever
A pair of old sandals were discovered in 1938 that may have been thousands of years old. No air-cushion, not much ankle support either.

The Gift of Shoes

I love giving shoes as gifts. I learned a trick from an old boss I once worked for. When one of his employees completed their one-year work anniversary, he would give them a pair of really expensive, well-made leather boots. Although I moved on from the company years ago, I still wear the boots. And each time I lace them up, I think of my old boss, who I remain friends with to this day, and I think, just for a brief second, what a great gift that was.

So I took a page from his book and started giving shoes of various types and styles as gifts to close family members and friends. Of course, I attempt to find their correct size and a style they actually like before I order. But I’ve received lots of interesting comments from the practice, and not always what you would expect. For instance, “thanks, I can wear these while I mow the grass…”

It’s been a thrill to pick out shoes as gifts, something that was always sort-of frowned on as far as gift-giving goes. Even if the recipients hate the shoes I give, there will come a time when they will wear them for one reason or another, even if it’s just once in a blue moon. Hopefully, when they lace them up, they will remember me for just a split second – and smile.

Most Expensive Shoes of All Time

While learning more about shoes with each passing birthday of a sibling or close friend, I’m astounded by the incredibly rare and valuable shoes that exist. There’s such a wide variety, from sneakers to slippers to heels, boots, and sandals, the wide-world of footwear is gigantic.

There are a few shoes you should be aware of, in case you ever come across them in a consignment shop. Don’t pass up a chance to grab a pair of these most expensive shoes in the world. Or at least notice them as a stranger walks by with them on their feet.

Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heel, $2 million

most expensive shoes
The Stuart Weizman Tanzanite Heel

The Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite heel was created by the top two shoe designers in the world about 15 years ago. Together, Stuart Weitzman and Eddie LeVian collaborated to produce the most ridiculous pair of heels ever to step foot on the earth.

These evening shoes feature 185 carats of blue and purple tanzanites and 28 carats of diamonds. The tanzanite stone was selected because of its extreme rarity. They are more expensive than diamonds because there is only one mine known to exist near Mount Kilimanjaro.

The heels of the shoes are not just plain soles but covered in platinum. The Tanzanite heels are one of a kind, never to be duplicated again. The best heel designer in the world coming together with one of the top jewelry designers in the world, and they are both known for producing one of a kind epic designs. There’s no doubt the value of these heels will remain astronomical.

Michael Jordan Signed Nike Air Jordan 1s, $560,000

The signed, game-worn Air Jordan 1 sneakers sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $560,000. These were the same sneakers worn by Michael Jordan during his 1984-85 rookie season. The auction began just as the last two episodes of “The Last Dance” were set to air on ESPN.

Experts say the timing couldn’t have been better for the sneaker seller, Jordy Geller, who originally purchased the shoes in 2012 for an undisclosed amount. Now that a few months have passed since the auction, I wonder if the seller would like to have another shot at selling the shoes now. Prices for memorabilia have only gone up, and especially for game-worn sneakers such as these.

Even though the original Jordan 1s might fetch a higher price today if there was another auction, I’m fairly certain Geller is satisfied with his 8-year investment return. When the Sotheby’s auction was announced, it was estimated the Nike sneakers would sell for around $100,000.

most expensive shoes
Signed, game-worn Air Jordan 1s, sold at Sotheby’s auction for $560,000. It’s just been about six months since the sale, and I would not be surprised if they would sell for double that amount right now. Who knows, maybe triple.

Jason of Beverly Hills Tom Ford Loafers, $2 million

Another pair of two million dollar shoes, this time in loafer form. Jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills designed the one of a kind kicks that include more than 14,000 full-cut round white diamonds individually set in white gold. All these diamonds sitting atop a Tom Ford sole.

Roughly one year and 2,000 hours were spent crafting the loafers, which broke a Guinness World Record for the most expensive shoe in the world.

The shoes were designed for the host of “America’s Got Talent,” Nick Cannon. All proceeds of the commissioning will be donated to charity.

most expensive shoes
The $2 million Jason of Beverly Hills Tom Ford Loafers

Nike Moon Shoe, $437,500

One of the original pair of Nike running shoes sold at auction for $437,500. The “Moon Shoe” was the waffle-soled track shoes designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman for the 1972 Olympics.

The recent sale of the Moon Shoe was one of twelve shoes ever made and was said to be the only unworn pair. Collector Miles Nadal was the winning bidder at the auction, which broke a record for the highest amount ever paid for sneakers. That record was broken just about a year later with the sale of the game-worn Michael Jordan 1s.

The pre-auction estimate was $160,000 for the Moon Shoe, but the demand was incredible. Nearly a year and a half later, I would not guess what the Moon Shoes would bring at auction in the current day. Like the Jordan 1s, it’s not impossible to say they could sell for double or even triple the sale price from last year.

Nike Moon Shoe
The Nike ‘Moon Shoe’ was one of only twelve pair of original waffle track shoes designed by Nike co-founder and legendary track coach Bill Bowerman.

Passion Diamond stilettos, $17 million

The most expensive shoes ever are currently the Passion Diamond stilettos, worth an estimated $17 million. A partnership between the United Arab Emirates-based shoe brand Jada Dubai and Passion Jewelers created this amazingly expensive and valuable combination of diamonds in 2018.

most expensive shoes
The Passion Diamond stilettos, valued at $17 million, not including $1.3 million in sales tax (estimated)

The stilettos feature two huge 15-carat diamonds on the shoe’s upper portion, both ultra-rare D flawless. In fact, every one of the 236 diamonds is rated Flawless D, not just the two largest stones. After nearly nine months of crafting the shoe in Italy with other features, including leather, silk, and gold, the shoes were sent to Dubai.

The shoes were unveiled at the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, in Dubai.

The Passion Diamond stilettos valued at $17 million, or, equivalent to 178,900 pair of Vans.

What are the Most Expensive Shoes – There’s Much More to Come

Modern-day shoes have come a long way; the technology going into high-performance sneakers is pretty outstanding. Some of the latest running shoes weigh just a couple of ounces and provide shock resistance and stability like never before. This is not to mention the heart-stopping design and creativity pouring into the latest footwear. Shoe manufactures are at the top of their stride when it comes to delivering highly desirable kicks.

Shoe designers and jewelers are collaborating like never before. Companies realize supply and demand laws, creating limited edition and one-of-one pairs to drive interest and values to the moon. The list of the most expensive shoes on earth will surely change many times in the coming years. There’s never been a better time to be a sneaker-head, shoe addict, heel collector, or boot aficionado.

This is incredible, and if you love shoes and sneakers, an absolute must-watch. The Art of the Design by Tinker Hatfield, one of the most legendary sneaker designers of all-time.