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The Mysterious Roman Ring and Possible ‘Lord of the Rings’ Origin

I stumbled across an interesting Twitter thread recently. It’s a story of a Roman ring found in a plowed field and how it might have lead to the creation of maybe the greatest works of fantasy literature of all time.

You will need to read the complete thread found here, but back in 1785, the ring surfaced in a field near Silchester. In 1929, archaeologist Mortimer Wheeler connected the ring to a lead tablet found 80 miles from the ring location in Gloucestershire.

The tablet is inscribed by a man named “Silvianus,” who suspects a man named “Senicianus” stole his gold ring. Silvianus deposited the “curse tablet” and donated half the value of the ring to the temple. He hoped the gods would “permit no good health to Senicianus” for stealing his ring.

While working on the connection between the ring and the inscribed tablet, Mortimer Wheeler would contact J.R.R. Tolkien, Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University, to help with the origins of the artifacts.

Not long after that, possibly inspired by the real-life Roman drama, Tolkien began working on his Middle-earth fantasy adventure series, “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

Michael Jordan Sits With Cigar Aficionado’s Marvin Shanken

This was a great interview. Founder and publisher of Cigar Aficionado and Wine Spectator, Marvin Shanken, sat down with Michael Jordan for a long discussion.

The entire interview, which stretched on for almost an hour, was fascinating. Marvin, who is clearly a long-time friend of Jordan, covered a wide-ranging list of topics, including Mike’s love for cigars, the young generation of NBA players, Jordan’s dad, and his dream vacation.

This interview was recorded about a year before the release of “The Last Dance,” which aired on ESPN last spring. Jordan, who has been very private for the last few decades since his NBA career, seemed very candid and relaxed. It was really cool to see Mike in this setting, just hanging out with an old friend. If you’re a Jordan fan and collector, highly recommend.

Antique Items In Your Attic Worth a Fortune

Here’s a great reminder that you could be sitting on, or right below, a fortune. Time flies, and you may have lost track of a few items that have slowly turned into antique gold over the last few decades.

The video below showcases 40 items that have big value. If you happen to have some of these items now considered antique, vintage or retro, take a closer look. If the condition is good, you might be surprised how much something is worth collecting dust in the storage room or rafters.

Costume jewelry, lunch boxes, old computers, cookie jars, and even old t-shirts. You never know what could be lurking in the cardboard storage boxes worth huge money.

The Story of the T-Rex Named Stan

The Wall Street Journal published a story recently on the amazing tale of a 40-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton found in South Dakota.

28 years ago, two paleontologist brothers, Peter and Neal Larson, dug up the skeleton, which turned out to be only the beginning of the story.

The T-Rex discovery sparked a family feud, and a long legal battle ensued for the skeleton, who was named “Stan.”

A few months ago, Christie’s sold the T-Rex for $32 million, a price that was 3 to 4 times estimates. The huge price tag for the discovery has done little to end the family fight.

Crown Worn by Notorious B.I.G. Sells for $600,000

A plastic crown worn by rapper Notorious B.I.G. sold at a Sotheby’s auction $600,000. The photo taken with the crown was taken just days before his death.

The pre-sale estimate was for the $6 plastic crown to sell for $200,000 – $300,000. The sale was part of Sotheby’s inaugural hip-hop sale, held late last year, featuring historical items from the genre.

Babe Ruth Bat From 1916 Sells at Christie’s

One of only two Babe Ruth block letter stamped Louisville Slugger baseball bats recently sold for $600,000.

The bat measures 35 3/5″ long and weighs 43.6 ounces. The barrel shows the Louisville Slugger stamping with “RUTH” in block letters.

The bat traces back to a 1944 War Bond Game played at Shibe Park in Philadelphia. Connie Mack would pitch to Ruth and give the Bambino three swings to hit a home run. The three pitches produced hits just short of the outfield wall, where Ruth remarked, “Ole Babe doesn’t have it anymore.”

After the exhibition, Ruth gave the bat to Connie Mack, who then gave it to the Philadelphia A’s batboy Frank Gara.

The Mandalorian Star Wars Vintage Collectibles from Hasbro

If you want to bank on The Mandalorian becoming a long-term classic series then you might want to consider the new Hasbro Vintage and Retro Collection figures.

Many new characters are featured in the series, including Greef Kargo, The Child, and Mando.

Each Figure is priced at $13 each and has the potential to become a treasured item for collectors in the coming years.

Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game smashing records

It’s impossible to ignore what’s happening to video game sales recently. This week a 1995 copy of Super Mario sold at Heritage Auctions for $660,000.

The game was graded with a Near Mint 9.4 and seal rating of A++.

The record breaking game was purchased in 1985 as a gift, tucked in a desk drawer for 36 years, then discovered.

It would be wise to check your parent’s attic on your next visit…

Amazing Lego Sets worth Thousands of Dollars

How much is the original, first edition, Millennium Falcon Lego set worth? As of now, re-sale prices are going anywhere from $4,500 to $7,000 for an excellent condition set, still in the box.

It’s one of the most valuable Lego sets ever produced. Originally, the 1,300 piece set retailed for about $450 in 2007.

Take a look at some recently completed sales from eBay.

Heading to auction is a 1958 Willie Mays game-worn San Francisco Giants jersey.

The jersey was worn during the first season after relocating the New York Giants to the San Francisco bay area. Mays would fight for the National League batting title down to the last game of the season, where he would end up finishing second behind Richie Ashburn, who hit .347.

The jersey is offered by Heritage Auctions, the current bid is sitting at $23,000.